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Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

An anterior cervical discectomy is an operation performed on your upper spine to relieve pain caused by a herniated disc.

Cervical disc replacement surgery in Glasgow

Wear and tear or injury in your neck can result in a narrowing of your spinal cord. Pressure on the nerves in this area can cause pain. An alternative to traditional spinal decompression uses surgical implants to replace damaged or diseased cervical discs.

Cervical Spine Surgery

Cervical spine surgery at Nuffield Health can take many forms, including myelopathy, cervical disc replacement, cervical neuropathy, cervical spondylitis and disc prolapse.

Dorsal root ganglion block

The dorsal root ganglion is the area of a spinal nerve that connects the nerves to your spine. This area sends impulses from nerves to your spinal cord.

Epidural anaesthetic

An epidural anaesthetic involves injecting local anaesthetic into an area called the epidural space near your spinal cord.

Epidural injection for pain relief

An epidural is a type of pain-killing injection given by an anaesthetist.

Facet joint injections

A facet joint injection involves injecting local anaesthetics and sometimes steroids into or around a facet joint.


A kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure to correct an osteoporotic vertebral fracture and further stabilise your spine.

Laminectomy in Glasgow

During a laminectomy the surgeon removes enough bone and tissue from the back of the spine to free trapped nerves.

Lumbar discectomy surgery in Glasgow

During lumbar discectomy a surgeon will remove the herniated portion of a disc relieving the pressure on nearby nerves. The procedure is often performed with minimal invasion and often referred to as microdiscectomy.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery

Advances in medical technology mean many spinal procedures can now be performed as minimally invasive surgery.

Parotid gland removal (parotidectomy)

Your parotid glands are salivary glands located just in front of your ear.

Spinal anaesthetic

Spinal anaesthetic (a spinal) is administered by injecting drugs into an area called the subarachnoid space near the spinal cord.

Spinal decompression in Glasgow

Spinal decompression involves removing bone to free trapped nerves.

Spinal fusion in Glasgow

Spinal fusion is an operation to weld or fuse together the small bones in your back eliminating motion that is causing back pain.

Spinal rehabilitation

Our Spinal Rehabilitation Programme "Back to Fitness" aims to return people disabled by back pain to a normal function.

Vertebroplasty in Glasgow

A vertebroplasy is a minimally invasive procedure to correct an osteoporotic vertebral fracture and further stabilise your spine.

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