Our Fee Structure

The fee quoted for treatment will include your procedure, pre-assessment, consultant procedure fee, anaesthetic fee, post discharge follow up, your hospital stay and all your meals whilst here. Fees not included will be your initial consultation fee. For more information on prices please get in touch on 01413 349 441.

Payment options

There are many ways you can choose to pay for your treatment. It is our policy that each patient attending registers a credit/debit card with us before your initial consultation.

Credit/Debit Card

If you wish you can choose to pay for your treatment by credit/debit card.  Note we do not accept American Express.

Medical Insurance

If you are covered by a medical insurer they may cover the cost of your treatment. You would need to liaise closely with your insurer to determine which costs they will cover. Please note insurance coverage for cosmetic procedures is rare.

For more information please contact our customer services team direct on 01413 349 441.