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What is a health screen?

A health screen consists of a range of comprehensive tests and consultation with a specialist health screening nurse and a doctor.

Everyone is susceptible to illness at some point in their life and you may feel more reassured about your general health following the screening. Certain diseases are more common with age and we can tailor your consultation to test for these conditions.

Specialist health screening at CCL

Cancer Centre London offers health screenings at our sister hospital Parkside Hospital, located just a few doors from Cancer Centre London. All screenings are tailored to your age, gender and medical history.

We also offer specialised screening services for certain types of cancer. Generally, the earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the greater the chance of a full recovery. These include:

  • Bowel cancer screening – the service involves an endoscopic examination of the lower bowel under sedation (using flexible sigmoidoscopy). Any non-cancerous polyps detected can be removed, which can stop cancer developing
  • Breast cancer screening – this Bupa approved service is available for women over 40 and involves a mammogram
  • Ovarian cancer screening – this service involves a blood test which detects levels of CA125, which are found in ovarian tumours
  • Prostate cancer screening – this service also involves a blood test which detects levels of PSA (prostate specific antigen) which is used as a primary indicator of the risk of developing prostate cancer.

We’ll ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire before your screen.

Please don’t hesitate to raise any fears, worries or concerns you may have about any aspect of your general health. Knowing about these concerns helps us to note any symptoms that you identify and customise the tests to meet your individual requirements.