Please note that this facility and the clinical services provided here is operated as a limited liability partnership between Nuffield Health and a group of Consultants.

Equity Interest

A total of 42% of the business interests is owned by the following Consultants:

  • Dr Robert Huddart, 4%
  • Dr Muireann Kelleher, 1%
  • Dr Vincent Khoo, 5%
  • Dr Anna Kirby, 3%
  • Dr Charles Lowdell, 5%
  • Dr Robert Phillips, 5%
  • Prof Ray Powles, 5%
  • Prof Trevor Powles, 5%
  • Dr Charlotte Rayner, 5%
  • Prof Ian Smith, 4%

Valuation Methodology

At the time of purchase, the value of each 1% equity interest was valued as a fair market multiple of the preceding year’s free cash flow.