What sort of cancer can Cancer Centre London offer treatment for?

At Cancer Centre London, we’re able to offer treatment for most forms of cancer, thanks to the combined expertise of our specialist consultants. In rare situations where we are unable to offer treatment to an individual, our consultants will refer you to an approved specialist.

How much does treatment at Cancer Centre London cost?

Every cancer patient is different and at CCL we tailor each individual treatment plan to the precise needs of the patient. This allows us to offer the best treatment possible for each person.

Due to the variety of treatments on offer and the different individual needs of each patient, we are unable to provide an estimate of cost until a treatment plan has been drawn up by your dedicated consultant.

The services on offer from Cancer Centre London are available to patients with private health insurance, and also those who wish to pay for their treatment themselves. Most insurers will pay for cancer treatment, but as every policy is different it is important to check with your insurer. CCL will pre-authorise any radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment plans with the patient’s insurer, once an estimate can be given. We are also able to quote for self-pay patients once the treatment plan has been agreed. Find out more here.

Will Cancer Centre London consultants see NHS patients?

As Cancer Centre London is a private facility, we are able to offer treatment and consultations for patients with private healthcare insurance, and for patients wishing to pay for their treatment directly. If you would like to arrange an appointment or procedure with a consultant at CCL, you will need a letter of referral from your GP. Please consult your healthcare provider for details regarding your treatment options as well as your financial choices.

How do I get treatment at Cancer Centre London?

The best way to go about receiving treatment at Cancer Centre London is to ask for a referral from your consultant. They are able to compile all the necessary information and draw up an efficient and accurate summary of your condition, and so refer you for treatment in the shortest possible time. It is also possible to enquire about a referral online.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

At CCL we understand that waiting to see a consultant can be nerve-wracking, so we aim to ensure that all new patients are booked for an appointment within a week of our receiving their referral. To ensure that the process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, it is essential that we have all your documentation when you book your appointment, as if any items are missing there could be a delay in making your appointment.

Does Cancer Centre London provide cancer diagnostic services for people who are worried they might have cancer?

Cancer Centre London works closely with Parkside Hospital to provide a range of diagnostic services at both sites. In order to undergo testing for cancer, a written request must be submitted from a Consultant on site, or from a Consultant, Surgeon or GP based elsewhere. Nuclear medicine diagnostic services are carried out at CCL, and Parkside Hospital provides a full range of other diagnostic tests. Please click here for more information.

Can I receive a second opinion from a cancer surgeon at Cancer Centre London?

The majority of our patients undergo surgery at our sister facility Parkside Hospital, which is located a few doors up from CCL, making the working relationship between the two hospitals very close and efficient. We are more than happy to provide a second opinion for you, and the quickest way to go about this is to make an appointment to see one of our consultants, using our online appointment form.

Where can I get more information about cancer and its treatment?

At Cancer Centre London, we have a dedicated Information Centre. This facility is equipped with a huge volume of information booklets on a wide range of issues, from specific cancers to treatment options, as well as side effects of medication and financial pointers. Our Information Officer will always be happy to help you find what you are looking for. In addition to this, we run talks and group sessions on a regular basis to allow patients and their loved ones to find out more about issues that interest or affect them.

If you require further information, we advise visiting the Macmillan website.

How do I make an appointment to see one of the consultants working at CCL?

Please fill out our form below or give us a call on 020 8247 3351. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends and bank holidays.

My relative lives overseas. How can they receive treatment at CCL?

At Cancer Centre London we welcome international patients. We have dedicated International Patient Coordinators who assist in all stages of treatment to make sure that our patients have the best experience possible.

In order to be treated at CCL, your relative would need to arrange for a letter of referral from their own doctor to be sent to one of our consultants, along with a histology report and reports of all previous diagnostic information, as well as any information on all previous chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy courses undergone in their home country. To make sure everything is processed as quickly as possible, it is best if these reports are written in English.

Once all the necessary information has been assembled, please contact one of our consultants to arrange an appointment.

Can children and under-18s be treated at CCL?

Unfortunately we do not currently have the facilities to treat children or under-18s at CCL. For information about hospitals with dedicated paediatric facilities, please speak to your GP or consultant.

Are non-cancerous or benign diseases treated at CCL?

Yes, at CCL we are able to use our specialised radiotherapy equipment to treat a number of non-cancerous conditions, including Keloid scars, heterotropic bone formation, Dupuytren’s disease (contracture) and overactive thyroid disease.