In October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (the “CMA”) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the “Order”) following its investigation into the private healthcare industry. The Order imposed requirements on private hospital operators to disclose certain information in relation to referring clinicians (as defined by the Order) for the benefit of patients. Full details about the investigation and the Order can be found on the CMA web page The information provided by Nuffield Health below is required by the Order.

Cancer Centre London provides the following services to Consultants and/or Referring Clinicians:

Low-Value Services

General Services

  • Provided to ensure clinical safety, including in-house training such as Basic Life Support training
  • Operational services to ensure a smooth patient pathway as part of normal business such as patient admission, administrative and billing
  • Insurance and indemnity cover in respect of the treatment of National Health Service (NHS) patient
  • Secure data storage and IT support for computer and mobile devices to ensure the security of patient data

Basic Workplace Amenities

  • Including tea and coffee
  • Subsidised meals on-site to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally
  • Stationery to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally
  • Mail and post-room services to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally

General Marketing & Promotional Services to be able to operate a Commercial Business, Including but not limited to:

  • Production of consultant directories including website profiles
  • Production of facility branded business cards and correspondence material
  • Production of marketing material and literature, including GP and direct to patient mailers
  • Production of advertisements and media placements to promote the services of the business
  • GP educational events with a Consultant speaker
  • Promotional items including branded post-it notes, pens, mouse mats etc.

General Corporate Hospitality, Proportionate and Reasonable to the Nature of the Business Including:

Corporate Hospitality Events

Annual Golf Day, Attendees: 3, Cost: £1,800
Consultant Speciality Networking Event- Breast Oncology, Attendees: 5, Cost: £145
Consultant Speciality Networking Event- GI Oncology, Attendees: 4, Cost: £101
Annual Consultant Christmas Party, Attendees: 20, Cost: £2,260
Rugby Tickets, Attendees: 11, Cost: £5,500

Rugby Tickets, Attendees: 10, Cost per head: £520
Annual Consultant Christmas Party, Attendees: 8, Cost per head: £47

Bowel Disease UK Fundraising Dinner, Attendees: 4, Cost per head: £120
Rugby Tickets, Attendees: 6, Cost per head: £520
Summer Drinks, Attendees: 1, Cost per head: £70

Higher-Value Services


  • Sessional Consulting Rooms, £10 per patient/ £55 per 3-hour session
  • Virtual consult, charged at £2.50 per patient
  • Fixed Office Space, £20 per ft² per annum

Clinician Advisory Services

Private hospital operators are required to disclose details of certain paid services provided by referring clinicians to private hospital operators in addition to exercising Practising Privileges at that hospital. Clinician Advisory service information is shown below:

Clinician Financial Interests

Private Hospital operators are required to disclose details of referring clinicians practising at their facilities who have a share or financial interest in those facilities or any equipment used. Some clinicians may own shares in their practising facility. A total of 32% of Cancer Centre London’s interests is owned by the following Consultants:

  • Dr Robert Huddart 4%
  • Dr Muireann Kelleher 1%
  • Dr Vincent Khoo 5%
  • Dr Anna Kirby 3%
  • Dr Charles Lowdell 5%
  • Prof Ray Powles 5%
  • Dr Charlotte Rayner 5%
  • Prof Ian Smith 4%

Valuation Methodology

At the time of purchase, the value of each 1% equity interest was valued as a fair market multiple of the preceding year’s free cash flow.