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When do I need a pre-assessment?

Once you have seen a Consultant and they confirm that you require a procedure, he/she will complete a Booking Form. Once the hospital receive the Booking Form and just prior to your procedure, the Pre-Assessment team will contact you and arrange an appointment for you to come in to discuss your health needs and undertake some medical tests with them. Not everyone needs to be seen, some Pre-Assessments can be conducted over the telephone.

How long will the pre-assessment take?

Depending on the procedure that you are having, short stay surgery pre-assessments could take up to half an hour, but pre-assessment for long stay surgery could take up to 1 hour in the Pre-Assessment department. 

You could be required to have additional tests or to be seen by a different department. For example blood test, seen by a physiotherapist, or to have an X-ray or scan.

What is involved in my pre-assessment?

  • Completion of a health questionnaire.
  • Blood pressure, pulse, weight, height and urine analysis.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) – recording of the electrical activity of the heart on a moving paper strip.
  • Most elective patients are pre-assessed with baseline screen for MRSA. This depends on the surgery that you will be having. Patients culturing a positive MRSA screen are treated and re-screened before admission.
  • We will give you leaflets and information about your procedure.
  • We will discuss and answer any questions you have about your procedure.
  • We will also discuss the prevention of deep vein thrombosis.

Protecting our patients

If colonisation is identified we provide an effective treatment to ensure a clean safe healthcare environment is maintained.

We take the responsibility for protecting our patients from the risks associated with hospital acquired infection very seriously and are proud that Nuffield Health has a longstanding history of extremely low rates of infection.

For any enquiries, please contact Leisha O’Connor, Pre-Assessment Lead on 01277 889152.