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01277 888922

We offer a warm welcome, comfortable and relaxed surroundings, complimentary tea and coffee facilities and free on-site parking. We have a parking management system in place. In order to avoid getting a parking charge, please enter your car registration details on the terminal located in our reception areas. Please ask our reception team for assistance if required.

In the first instance you will be offered an appointment to see a consultant (or other specialist) and this follows a referral from your GP. Other specialists can also refer to us depending on the nature of your visit i.e. Optometrist, Physiotherapist. Should you need a procedure or to receive treatment, our staff will guide you through to the next steps. Outpatient follow up appointments and any further check-ups will be arranged by the hospital.

As a private patient attending our hospital, you can benefit from the choice of:

  • Minimum waiting times for appointments
  • Choice of consultant
  • Other outpatient services including physiotherapy, pathology, imaging and health screening

Our recently refurbished outpatients department has 14 air conditioned consulting rooms, three treatment rooms, ENT suite, Ophthalmic Suite and a cardiology test room.

Should you need further tests or scans during your consultation, we endeavour to offer these whilst you are here for your appointment saving an additional journey. Sometimes a further visit is required.

Please be aware that when booking an out-patient appointment (whether insured or self-pay), you will be asked to secure your booking via a debit/credit card before attending your appointment, and to complete our Terms and Conditions.

For further information or to book an outpatient appointment, please contact us on 01277 888922.