"After losing 7st through healthy eating and exercise, I started to notice that my skin was becoming a little looser around my stomach. On a whim I decided to get in contact with Mr David Johnson a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the The Manor Hospital in Oxford, to see if there was anything that could be done. 

Mr David Johnson was fantastic! Instantly I felt comfortable talking to him regarding things that had previously worried me significantly. He explained clearly his expectations for the surgery results, the procedure, any risks, and the after-care. 

During my stay at The Manor the staff were incredible, and the staff were always very welcoming and caring. The room facilities were good and I felt comfortable and at home. Often now when talking about my experiences at The Manor to friends I will accidentally refer to it as "The Manor Hotel". It's a fantastically relaxing environment, which is so unusual for a hospital!Post-surgery Mr Johnson and the hospital provided great after-care, and through continued check-ups, I could monitor the healing process of my surgery. Although tremendously happy with the surgery, through these continued check-ups Mr Johnson and I noticed that one of the side-effects, known as "dog ears" was becoming apparent.

I asked if it would be possible to slightly adjust the sides of my scars and as always Mr Johnson was very understanding, and I was admitted for day surgery to smoothen out the so-called "dog ears".  This surgery was quick and simple, but I still felt valued. Now, almost three years on I am overwhelmed at how much it's changed my attitude to my body shape. Three years ago I would feel uncomfortable being topless even around my family members, but now I'm happy to sunbathe on the beach in shorts.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Manor Hospital to anyone considering private healthcare. Everything was second to none -  from the booking procedure, through to the follow-up surgery, the care, the communication and the consideration towards what I wanted to achieve  - it all exceeded my expectations. " 

- Abdominoplasty patient, Oxford, The Manor Hospital 

"I had a bilateral explantation and mastopexy at my local Nuffield Health Hospital and cannot recommend highly enough the care I received from all the staff involved and Mr Ramakrishnan in particular.

I chose Mr Ramakrishnan as I knew he was extremely highly regarded by his patients, surgical colleagues and the other medical staff. I can say his reputation is well deserved, as he is sensitive and understanding at all times, encouraging an active discussion and questions about the procedure, and likely outcomes. I felt that he completely understood both my needs and worries, quite a job in itself given my medical history.

Mr Ramakrishnan more than met my expectations on every level, his skill as a surgeon is second to none and equally importantly he is kind, polite and considerate, making you feel at ease, giving enough time at every appointment to deal with any questions and anxieties you may have. The outcome from my surgery is better than I could ever have hoped for and I feel like 'me' again after 5 years of misery.

I shall always be eternally grateful to Mr Ramakrishnan and all the staff at the Nuffield Health Hospital for the excellent medical care I have received. I would strongly recommend to anyone considering surgery to see Mr Ramakrishnan at the Nuffield Health Hospital."

- Mastopexy patient, Brentwood Hospital

 "Mr Warr carried out my breast reduction, reducing my bust size from a 34GG to a 34D. Throughout the entire period of consultancy Mr Warr made me feel totally at ease and comfortable with the operation he was carrying out. The attention I received on the day of the operation from my consultant and anaesthetist was exceptional, meeting with me in advance to explain in detail the procedure, the duration and how I would feel afterwards. 

Mr Warr visited me on the evening of the operation and again in the morning. I am extremely happy with Mr Warr’s work and cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Breast reduction patient, Cheltenham Hospital

“I am very happy with the result, very pleased that I made the decision to have the operation and felt very secure throughout the treatment.” 

- Breast surgery patient, Chichester Hospital

"I am really pleased with all aspects of my surgery which I had looked forward to for so long. My recovery was quick and painless although I had swelling and bruising in particular to the nose and eye areas, which is only to be expected from this type of surgery. The care I received prior to my surgery helped me to feel relaxed and prepared for what was to come, all my needs were respected during and after surgery which helped me stay positive for my recovery."

- Nose re-shaping patient, Cheltenham Hospital 

"Before my surgery I was very self conscious of a bump on my nose. I always wore glasses to hide it, and always said when I could afford it I would ‘get my nose done’. I heard about the consultation at Nuffield and Mr Allison explained how he could improve my nose so I wouldn’t need to hide it behind glasses.

Mr Allison is a lovely friendly surgeon who explained everything clearly. All the Nuffield staff were friendly and respectful. I was never nervous but excited about having it done. The overnight stay in my own room was great, lots of privacy and a chance to rest. 

I was very pleased with the whole operation and felt great a couple of days after the op, even with the plaster on my nose.

Post-surgery my nose is now a much better shape and an amazing difference. I now wear contact lenses and I am a much more confident person. I recommend that anyone considering surgery should have a consultation and see what can be done. It makes such a difference both physically and mentally."

- Rhinoplasty patient, Tees Hospital 

“I had my breast reduction 18 months ago - WOW, it has changed my life and I am thrilled with the results, so good that 7 weeks ago I had a tummy tuck under Mr Heppell and again WOW. I have sent friends to Mr Heppell and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I found the best and cannot thank him and the team enough."

- Breast reduction patient, Chichester Hospital 

"My experience at Nuffield was great. All of the staff were friendly and reassuring. The procedures performed by Mr Warr gave excellent results and I am extremely pleased. I would absolutely recommend Mr Warr to anyone considering plastic surgery." 

- Face surgery patient, Cheltenham Hospital

"I had a breast reduction in November with James McDiarmid at my local Nuffield Hospital. The operation went really well and the after-care was first class. James is always very nice and makes you feel at ease at all times. The results after just 4 months are fabulous I couldn't be more thrilled. Thanks so much James.

I love how friendly and nice Mr McDiarmid is, he made it all easy. The treatment was quick and pain free. I was in the Nuffield at 7am and at home with my op completed at 7pm the same day. He answered any questions or problems. Overall an amazing treatment. Will be going back to him for any future ops." 

- Breast reduction patient, Plymouth Hospital

"After losing 12 stone in weight I was left with bad sagging skin on my stomach and no breasts so I underwent a full tummy tuck and breast enlargement at my local Nuffield Health Hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital all staff were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable, I was quite nervous at first but once seeing Mr Ramakrishnan I felt a lot better. The hospital was exceptionally clean and my room was like a hotel room, I was very impressed. Each nurse that came to see me was very nice and made me feel very welcome and I felt in very safe hands.

After my surgery I was looked after very, very well. I did not suffer from much pain whilst at the hospital and I managed to sleep very well considering the surgery I had just had. My mum was with me quite a lot during my stay in hospital and the nurses and staff treated her like a patient, we were very happy with everything.

Throughout my healing from the operation I saw Mr Ramakrishnan a couple of times for check-up. I think he is a wonderful surgeon and he has changed my life for the better. I am just under 5 months from my operation and I am very, very happy with the results. I never thought I could possibly look this way and I have a new found confidence.

I recommend Mr Ramakrishnan and the Nuffield Health Hospital to everyone considering plastic surgery.Every staff member and nurse at the Nuffield Health Hospital are fantastic at their job and the hospital is clean, bright and comfortable.

I would like to thank Mr Ramakrishnan for the wonderful surgery he has performed on me and thank him for making me so happy." 

- Tummy Tuck & Breast Enlargement patient, Brentwood Hospital

"Before the treatment I was big and miserable, felt totally depressed and never went to social events. When I did I always wore big black baggy clothes that hid my body completely. My large tummy was the result of 3 pregnancies and an unhealthy lifestyle – I drank pints and was always in the takeaway having late night meals. I got invited on holidays with friends but never went anywhere as I couldn’t bear to expose my body. I would only go away with family as they knew what I looked like underneath my clothes.

I wanted to have an abdominoplasty to get my confidence back. I’m a lively bubbly person anyway but had lost all self-esteem. I wanted my pre-child bearing figure back and to feel good about myself. My Allison made me lose 2 stone before he would agree to operate so I was so focused to lose the weight.

Since the operation, I love buying underwear and new clothes, I don’t wear black anymore. My social habits have changed completely and I won’t go back to the way I was.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I spent most of my savings on this and I would do it again tomorrow. The care I received from Mr Allison was fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from the consultants or the nurses." 

- Abdominoplasty patient, Tees Hospital

"I came in for a cosmetic procedure and I was under Mr Park. I can honestly say that it has changed my life not just mentally and physically, but on a health wise basis. 

I felt it important to tell you of the exceptional care that I received from some of your staff. They were extremely supportive, kind, caring, and above all first class with their treatment.

I had a few complications after the surgery and had to visit the hospital daily. The emotional support I received from these staff was tremendous. I also had professional kindness and support from a member of the front of house team. Every day of my visits I was greeted with such friendliness that I really appreciated. 

I had excellent support from Mr Park who fixed me up again and now I am 99.9% fully covered.

I do believe that this was not just a professional hospital service but one that truly cares. The staff make your hospital a very wonderful place to come. I would 100% recommend your hospital as a first class place." 

- Abdominoplasty patient, Warwickshire Hospital

Promise is valid for patients paying for themselves. Excludes assisted conception and IVF treatments. Your initial consultation and any necessary tests are paid for separately.

* Not including private patient units at NHS hospitals. Local area defined as within 15 miles of the Nuffield Health hospital. We will match against written quotes only. 

** Where possible, we promise to assist you to receive any follow up advice, treatment or care that is clinically required from your Consultant for as long as you may require it. If a prosthesis is used as part of your treatment this is guaranteed for the manufacturer’s official lifetime of that prosthesis. “Clinically required” indicates where further intervention and/or monitoring of a patient’s condition is deemed necessary as a direct result of surgical intervention.