When we started developing HealthScore in 2012 we were at the cutting edge - providing a snapshot of overall health in a single number. Since then the world has caught up and after reviewing the use of HealthScore by our members, we think we can do even better.

Innovation in health technology is a priority and our development team is already working on a new digital health platform more aligned with the needs of our members. The new platform, which we hope to launch this year, will provide more intuitive ways for our members to measure their health and fitness and gauge their progress.

Our team will continue to provide extensive assessment of the health of members through standard clinical measures such as blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol – but this will no longer be transferred into HealthScore.

The HealthScore website is no longer functioning, and our IOS and Android apps are no longer supported.

Our team will be working closely with members to ensure we continue to answer questions and provide transparent and meaningful health information. If you have any further questions, please speak with your local General Manager. We look forward to being able to provide an even better service in 2016.