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Paula Dawidowicz

I have always been in touch with sport which has made me both devoted and inseparable to it. I feel my day has been wasted if I have not done any form of physical activity. In my opinion, you should reach the point where you are high with endorphins, proud of your new looks and most importantly are happy with your overall health.

I’m here to show you how to achieve this because I consider myself lucky enough to have already been shown the way.

Andre Sandiford

Thanks for reading my profile. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength & Condition Coach and Nutritionist in Weight Management. Previously, I have played semi pro football and was a competitive sprinter for my borough. After sustaining an injury, I worked for a FTSE 100 company before making the move to become a self-employed Personal Trainer. I have a wide spectrum of knowledge within the industry which has led me to be the established Personal trainers that I am today.

I have personal experience of the challenges of achieving and maintaining all aspects of fitness and a healthy balanced lifestyle. I offer a holistic and bespoke approach with my training plans, to both support and educate you throughout your journey. I have experience of referrals from both GPs and Physiotherapists, assisting people in the AOL and rehabilitation. Challenge is there to be met and overcome - I look forward to working with you.

James Drain

Achieving your goals through diet and exercise can have its’ challenges – however, this far outweighed by the reward of seeing someone succeed. I work with people who have a variety of both long and short term goals, whether it is directly related to their internal health, such as a reduction in blood pressure or preparing for an event or particular holiday.

I've worked with people who have little or no experience in a gym and always strive to make them feel comfortable and confident in using the variety of equipment and building selfmotivation. For the more experienced person, it's a different approach, but as the name says - Personal Training is exactly that - tailored to the needs you have. I’ll often apply the skills I’ve learned from my background in sports and martial arts, so my personal training sessions will always be varied, progressive and structured to keep things interesting, with new exercises to keep you feeling challenged!

Jamie Stedman

As a qualified adult and junior ski and snowboard coach, I taught in New Zealand, Canada and Japan for 4 years, where I also worked with disabled individuals. I returned to the UK in 2014, and continued my career in health and fitness, and qualified as a Personal Trainer. I now combine my knowledge of anatomy and physiology as a snow sports coach, with the in depth training and additional exercise programming skills I have learned as a Personal Trainer. In my view, the basis of any training programme starts with biomechanical balance and functional strength, related to your specific health and fitness goals – a good foundation is all.

The unique Nuffield Health MOT is available to all members – this complementary, one hour, 12 point, clinically based health assessment, when combined with a bespoke training programme, will optimise your health and wellbeing in both the short, and more importantly, long term as we monitor your progress every three months. Please contact me to book your Health MOT and start your journey of health and wellbeing and goal achievement.

Jason Ward

Personal training is exactly that – working towards an individual goal which matters most to you. Being able to identify what motivates and inspires you is one of the first steps to a successful training outcome and working together; as an experienced trainer of more than 15 years, my first priority is always to fully understand and appreciate what will work best for you. Self-confidence comes high on most people’s wish list hence one of my areas of fitness specialisations includes, self-defence, motivation and behaviour counselling.

Joelle Kerry

Following a career in Dance it was only natural that next I would fall in love with the wonderful world of fitness! Wellbeing is particularly something I am passionate about, for myself and for everyone around me. I consider balance to be a key objective when it comes to training. I choose training systems that complement each other and use a variety of techniques and training tools to achieve results, everything from Heavy weights and High intensity interval training to Core strength and stability and Yoga poses to minimize stress to the body.

My holistic approach to working out will not only have you feeling fitter and stronger, you will leave feeling more positive and relaxed. During the 8 years I have spent in the fitness industry I have tried and tested these theories on myself and many others which gives me the confidence to say anything is possible.

John Orgill

I am a highly motivating personal trainer and have a proven track record of helping people reach their fitness goals. Focusing on weight loss and strength training I use my skills, experience and highly motivating attitude to help my clients get to where they want to be. I have experience of working with people of all different ages and fitness levels and believe with enough dedication and hard work anyone can reach their goals. I have over seven years’ experience within the fitness industry, and hold a Level 3 Personal Training Certificate along with multiple group fitness qualification.

Kamal Faruk

Fad diet and training ideas appear and disappear equally quickly. I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 8 years, during which time I have seen many such ideas claim unfulfilled promises, based on quick reward and unsustainable change.

We also tend to use the word diet to incorrectly define an eating regime where we are allowed or not allowed to eat certain foods, but in reality, it refers to the total foods we consume.

Using the knowledge from my degree in Exercise Health and Nutrition has given my training scientific basis and perspective, particularly in my specialist areas of nutrition and weight loss. I am able to create realistic, practical eating and nutritionally balanced principals that can indeed last a lifetime.

Through additional holistic qualifications, I also incorporate the use of selected breathing and stretching techniques to enhance stress reduction and lifestyle management issues for my clients. We all like to celebrate success in achieving our goals – I will promise you consistency and professionalism throughout and would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve and celebrate your own success.

Murad Ahmed

From actors and TV producers, high name politicians (no names allowed!), through to club members, I have been privileged to train a wide variety of people with an equally diverse range of health and fitness goals. Sadly, I can’t claim to have a magic formula with guaranteed overnight results, but motivation, encouragement, challenging, bespoke, programmes and individual achievable goals set over a realistic time frame come as standard.

Priscilla Sawyers

As a personal trainer I provide you with extra motivation, advice, encouragement and support.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their specific fitness goals, whether its weight loss, nutritional advice, strength and conditioning or cardiovascular training.

I have already obtained a Level 3 qualification in Sports and Exercise Science and I am perusing further studies in a Sport and Exercise Science degree to gain an in depth knowledge in this area.

Sasha Nabile

How healthy you are and how confident you are have a direct influence on how great you feel. I believe that fitness is a combination of qualities that allow us to reach our full potential. As a Personal Trainer nothing is more rewarding than helping people reach their fitness and wellbeing goals and it is because of this reason I have been inspired to encourage people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and share my passion for fitness. I am results driven and so whether your goals are to reduce your body fat, gain strength and lean muscle, getting more functional by training the body in activities that you do in your daily life or even if you have general fitness goals my promise to you is that I will work extremely hard in order for you to come out of this process happier, more confident, healthier and most importantly with the physique you want.

Steve Denham

Having trained myself with weights and Thai boxing, I understand the hard work involved in trying to reach your goals.  With over ten years of industry experience, I have trained clients and helped them to lose weight, tone up, improve in sport, and even run an iron man. Through the use of correct techniques, and a personalised programme I can help you to achieve your goals.

I have worked closely with individuals who have specific medical conditions, in order to use exercise to help them to improve their quality of life.

I have helped many clients to experience some of the many benefits a controlled exercise program can have, in terms of reduction of risk as well as managed and rehabilitated clients with injuries and health issues such as hypertension and diabetes, taking into account the very highest levels of safety and service.

Gerald Smith

I have worked in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years and have gained a number of recognised qualifications through continuous professional development including a degree in Sports Science.

My specialist areas are weight loss motivation and hormone balancing. I genuinely understand that weight loss motivation is about mastering the mind, and establishing new habits, which is why I will help you explore your relationship with food,emotional eating, goal setting,and examining the impact weight has had in all aspects of your life. I also understand that your body is unique and that diet is not a "one size fits all approach." I will take a deep look into your hormone balance and tailor make a bespoke diet to help you lose body fat and compliment your training.

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