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Our staff at Glasgow Central

Richard Brown

Personal Trainer

My qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Kettlebells
  • Indoor Cycle
  • Viper
  • Power Plate

What my Clients say:

"In the 18 months I worked with Richard, I lost 10 kgs of weight, 6 inches and my blood pressure remarkably dropped." 

"I have trained with Richard for a number of years. Through his guidance and support, I have made significant progress in both strength and posture. This has had a hugely positive impact on my overall health and wellbeing. Richard creates tailored workout plans that challenge me while still being achievable. He is knowledgeable about strength and fitness and his friendly, encouraging manner has motivated me to push myself further than I thought possible. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness."

Verne Cochrane

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

I am a friendly and motivated individual with a passion for helping others. The first moment I knew I wanted to be a PT was when I was motivating my ill gran and getting her out of bed and moving, the reward of making a positive difference in someone's life is something I am truly dedicated to. If you chose me as your Personal Trainer, I can guarantee I will push you to change for the better and will motivate you to the best of my abilities.


  • Body Recomposition
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle building
  • Vegan/veggie eating​

​What I offer:​

  • One-to-one sessions tailored to your goals​
  • Macros and nutrition plan specific to your goals​
  • Recipes examples​
  • Training programs​
  • Measurements suited to your health and fitness journey​

​​Email: Vernon.cochrane@nuffieldhealth.com

My qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

What my Clients say:

"Having Verne as my PT helped me get to my goal of passing the fitness test for the navy. He also helped me get stronger on the bench in the 2-week training. I lost 1kg he has a great personality and is great to train with."

"I've recently started PT sessions after an old running injury and a recent surgery meant that my fitness was at an all-time low. I've never really been a gym person, but since starting sessions with Verne, I'm now converted! Verne has worked with me and a physio to build a tailored fitness plan and workout routine and has been really encouraging and helpful I've seen so much progress in only a couple of months and couldn't speak more highly of him."

Ross Courtney

Wellbeing Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

I have always loved playing sports and going to the gym as staying fit and healthy was a passion of mine. Fitness became my release from everyday stresses, so I would regularly attend the gym to work on my physical and mental health aiming to become a better version of myself. Friends have told me I am insane, as I am always determined to stay active or go to the gym no matter the circumstances.

I have gained my HNC and HND in Health, Fitness and Exercise with the intention to educate and help others improve their own mental and physical health.

During my time as a Coach what I expected from myself was to ensure everyone was playing to their full potential, I had to be organised for the upcoming sessions and was constantly analysing what needed to be improved.

With a fresh outlook on fitness, I will be driven to get the best out of my clients, helping them to achieve their goals and building the R21 fitness family. The many traits I hold will be used to help you get the results you desire.

Specialist Areas:

  • Fat loss
  • Building Muscle
  • Improving Cardiovascular Fitness 
  • Ensuring all exercises are performed safely and effectively

My qualifications

  • HNC Coaching and Development
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Active IQ Indoor Cycling Instructor

John McIntyre

Wellbeing Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

John is a fully qualified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer. He is results-driven and uses individually tailored sessions and personalised plans to ensure that clients meet their goals. He understands the importance attached to working at the client's pace to ensure that every session can be enjoyed while the maximum benefit is achieved.

John is well aware of the apprehension some clients feel when starting a new training regime and will support, encourage, and drive you towards success.

For those who are more comfortable within the gym setting, he has the skills and knowledge necessary to take you to the next level.

Tiegan McPadden

Wellbeing Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

My engagement with fitness has stemmed from an early age through playing Pro Youth Football to Scottish Regional level. This drive and passion for sport encouraged my healthy habits and progressively led me to achieve a degree in Fitness Health and Exercise and BSc Honours in Sport Science.

I have the foundation of applied knowledge, variety and experience in health and fitness which is essential to helping others meet their personal goals. I understand that starting your journey may be daunting, however, I am a friendly, open and approachable individual who not only is keen to know you as a client but get to know you as a person too as this is the key to achieving success.

I'm passionate, determined and goal orientated, which is reflected through my current knowledge and experience. I enjoy helping others in setting their own goals and pushing them to achieve their goals as well as a better version of themselves. As your Personal Trainer, I will provide you with tailored programmes and provide you with the support, knowledge and motivation you require to achieve your goals. Everyone’s goals are unique and I'm keen to undertake new challenges and promote a healthier population.

Sport science has allowed me to gain deeper understanding of the type of training required for athletes and sport specific training through specific strength and conditioning, which is a prospect I am more than keen to provide.

I am also qualified to teach both Spin and MetaFit classes which are great to get involved in and which are both time efficient classes to engage with to increase your activity levels! I will bring the variety, knowledge and experience to leave you with a worthwhile and positive session.

Colin Nicolson

Wellbeing Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

I am a friendly, upbeat guy who wants to achieve real results with real people. Over the past year, I have worked with many different client groups to achieve several results from building muscle, losing fat, or building strength. My clients achieve their results with the knowledge I know and the hard work they put in along with being held accountable for their actions.

Interests & specialist areas:

  • Building muscle
  • Losing fat
  • Weight loss
  • Working on the correct form for each exercise

My qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal trainer
  • Level 2 Gym instructor
  • BSc Sport Coaching
  • HND Sport Coaching
  • NC Fitness, Health & Exercise

Collette Sommerville

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

I am a positive, enthusiastic female with a passion for, and with a diploma in, health, fitness and sport. I began my fitness lifestyle as a gymnast and then became a qualified coach and personal trainer. I take part in various sports such as gymnastics, strength training, circus training and rock climbing. I believe in body positivity and self-improvement. 

I have experience working with a plethora of people from elderly individuals and professional athletes to those with more complex needs such as autism, disabilities and learning difficulties.

How can I help you?

  • Personalised programmes in line with your goals
  • Personalised nutrition plans and pdfs
  • Private app with trackers and video-demonstrated workouts
  • Monthly measurements / Fitness testing
  • Joint pain/ injury rehab

I want your journey to be fun and enjoyable but most of all rewarding!

Email: collette.somerville@nuffieldhealth.com

My qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Joint Pain Rehab Specialist

What my Clients say:

I couldn't be prouder of Colette if I tried. After surviving Breast Cancer, Colette signed up to personal training. In 3 only 3 months Colette achieved:

  • A 90kg Deadlift
  • 10 Full Depth Weighted Push Ups

Colette is continuing PT and focusing on gaining muscle and achieving her first chin-up. I can't wait to see all the amazing achievements Colette will make in the next few months. 

Why Personal Training?

Sometimes everyone needs some extra encouragement, advice, support or motivation to achieve their fitness goals. Maybe you have just started on your fitness journey, returning to regular exercise following an injury, or perhaps you are a looking for some expert advice before competing in your first marathon!

Whatever your goal, our expert Personal Trainers at our Glasgow Central gym will make it their priority. Our qualified personal trainers pride themselves on being professional, friendly, knowledgeable and reliable.

Our Personal Trainers / Wellbeing Advisors areas of specialty include:

  • Weight loss / Weight management
  • Circuit training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Antenatal and Postnatal fitness
  • Rehabilitation from injury or post-surgery

Our personal training team also works closely with our Physiotherapy team, which means we can offer you a cohesive and thorough rehabilitation package with a focus on long term success.