Meet our Experts: Goal Setting

Goal Setting event

Looking to get back to your best or even reach new heights? Join us for our goal setting event on Wednesday 27 April - Wednesday 4 May, to learn how you can set realistic, meaningful goals, with tips and tricks to help you achieve them every time.

Browse our range of self-help material below, tune in on social and stream our full goal setting video for free on Nuffield Health 24/7 (you don't need to be registered).

We’re also offering complimentary 30 minute Engage sessions to our members in our gyms. Our friendly personal trainers will help you set your goals and provide you with the support to achieve them. Speak to reception or one of the fitness team at your local centre for more information.

What is 'Meet Our Experts'?

Meet Our Experts events are free events for members and non-members alike offering you the chance to talk to and learn from qualified and highly-trained experts in health and fitness.

These events are part of Nuffield Health’s commitment to supporting you to be as fit and healthy as you can be. By connecting our members and the wider community to our unique breadth of health and wellbeing experts, we aim to inform, educate and support you on a wide range of overall health and wellbeing topics.