Ray Anderson


About Ray

Meet Ray Anderson. Ray is a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

He is from Manchester has worked at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Didsbury for 2 years.

In a previous life Ray was a senior detective, war crimes investigator and diplomat, so is well aware of the effects that traumatic situations can have on people. He’s a strong advocate of people “reaching out” for help.

Ray is a married family man with grown up children. His passions are helping others and living his best life.

He is a Masters Crossfit athlete, professional yachtsman, keen traveller and fan of anything with wheels and an engine.

An interesting fact about Ray is that he once had a speaking part on TV soap“Emmerdale”!

Conor O’Hanlon


About Conor

Meet Conor O’Hanlon, a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation specialist. Conor is from Didsbury, Manchester and has been with Nuffield Health for 4 years.

Conor’s Nuffield Health career started part-time as a Food and Beverage assistant before moving on to Front of House while studying to complete his degree. He has now graduated with a First Class degree in BSc (HONS) Sports Science from The University of Salford and has progressed his career with a role as a Wellbeing Personal Trainer.

Conor is a family oriented individual with a love for health and wellbeing. He enjoys keeping active and trying to maintain an all round healthy lifestyle. Conor is passionate about helping people to become the best version of themselves, both mentally and physically. He thrives off the opportunity to help and has a strong belief in the positive impact of exercise.

He is proud to take on the role of a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist and is eager to help as many people as he can.

Teresa With


About Teresa

Meet Teresa With, a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

Teresa is from Rugby, West Midlands and has been with Nuffield Health for over a Year, working at the Rugby fitness and wellbeing centre.

Being competitive in artistic gymnastics, athletics and cross country as a child and then Obstacle course racing, Mountain Biking and Crossfit as an adult, Teresa has always had a keen a interest in sports and fitness. In her spare time Teresa enjoys camping with her friends and family, long walks in the countryside and going to the cinema with her daughters and grandson.

Teresa is a qualified British Gymnastics coach and level 3 Personal Trainer with over 12 years experience in coaching sports and fitness.

She is passionate about helping people improve their overall health and wellbeing by enjoying sports and fitness, while achieving their goals.

An interesting fact about Teresa is that she once completed a marathon distance 26 mile obstacle course race in 7.5 hours and this qualified her to represent the United Kingdom in the World Obstacle Course Championships.

Teresa is an approachable person who will always greet you with a friendly face and smile. In her role as a Nuffield Health Wellbeing Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation specialist she takes a supportive approach making her sessions as enjoyable as possible, while always putting the needs of members and clients first.

Marc Hayes


About Marc

Meet Marc Hayes, a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

Marc is from Newcastle and has been working at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Gosforth for 10 months.

Marc has been a personal Trainer for 5 years and has recently qualified as a nutritionist after studying Food & Human Nutrition at Newcastle University.

Marc is passionate about nutrition, exercise and general health.

An interesting fact about Marc is he has lost almost 100lbs and transformed from being obese to a personal trainer

Geoff Pendrill

Edinburgh Gogarburn

About Geoff

Meet Geoff Pendrill. Geoff is a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

Geoff is from RBS Gogarburn and has been with Nuffield Health for 15 years, previously employed as a NatWest Project Manager.

He has completed 26 Marathons and raised over £45k for various charities over 20 years. Now living in Scotland, ironically, as he moved from Writtle, Essex in 2004, one of 3 possible birth places of King of Scots, Robert the Bruce.

Geoff is passionate about teaching indoor cycling and specialises in helping employees enhance their; health, wellbeing and worklife balance.

An interesting fact about Geoff is that in 2002, for one night only, he sang on stage at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 125th Street!

Kathy Morton


About Kathy

Meet Kathy. Kathy is a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation specialist. Kathy is from Lichfield and has been with Nuffield Health for 7 years.

She has always been very interested in sport, particularly football, winning numerous trophies and playing all around the UK.

Kathy is passionate about the outdoors and living a healthy,happy and simple lifestyle.

An interesting fact about Kathy is when she was 17 she met her husband and by the time they were 28 they had backpacked around 19 different countries together.

Jon Taberner


About Jon

Meet Jon Taberner, a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist. Jon is from Stoke and has been with Nuffield Health for 2 years.

On top of personal training, Jon has also completed a degree in Nutrition from Leeds University, and in his role at Nuffield Health is trained in Recovery Plus. He has been a Joint Pain Advisor, rehabilitating people with chronic joint pain, as well as assisting in Nuffield Health’s SWAP programme, going into schools and educating children on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Jon is passionate about sports and has played American Football for his university.

An interesting fact about Jon is he can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute!

Owen Edwards

Birmingham Central

About Owen

Meet Owen Edwards. Owen is a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

Owen is from Bedfordshire but has been living in Birmingham for 6 years and has been with Nuffield Health for 4 of those years.

Owen has graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in Exercise Science, is a keen advocate of strength training and wants to get everyone lifting weights to become fit, strong, happy and healthy. Owen is passionate about cooking, reading and red wine!

An interesting fact about Owen is that his go to workout song is Mamma Mia by ABBA.

Gordon Gilmore

Birmingham Central

About Gordon

Meet Gordon. Gordon is a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist. Gordon is from London and has been with Nuffield Health for 2 years.

As well as Personal Training qualifications – Gordon has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science and has a comprehensive knowledge of body composition, physiology and bio-mechanics.

Gordon is passionate about delivering a well-informed, balanced approach to training with realistic but challenging goals.

An interesting fact about Gordon is that he is also a qualified scuba diver and skier!

David McKee

Edinburgh Gogarburn

About David

Meet David McKee. David is a Nuffield Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

David is from Edinburgh, Scotland and is based at the RBS Gogarburn corporate site and has been with Nuffield Health for almost 10 years.

Throughout his career with Nuffield Health he has worked as a Wellbeing Personal Trainer and Health Mentor with a wide and varied client base. David has also worked as a Fitness Manager as well as a facilitator delivering courses for life guarding and first aid among other things.

Passionate about health and fitness, David has played American Football for a division 2 team as well as achieving a brown belt in Judo.

He looks forward to helping aid and assist you in your recovery from Covid-19.

Adam Atkinson