Nuffield Health launch bespoke health assessments for businesses

Nuffield Health, one of the leading not-for-profit UK healthcare organisations and the largest provider of employee wellbeing services, has launched a new series of bespoke lifestyle focused health assessments for UK businesses.

Four new personalised health assessment modules have been exclusively developed for employees following research and insight into the current and future trends of employees’ health concerns. Over 2,000 participants were surveyed and the top three resulting health concerns were being overweight, fitness and emotional wellbeing, stating stress and depression as the two key factors.

The consistent future concern across both men and women surveyed was the risk of developing cancer which has resulted in a cancer risk prevention module being created. They also revealed that they were more likely to have a health check if they could choose from a variety of bespoke options specifically to suit their health concerns.[1] 

Around 23.3 million days are lost due to work-related ill health[2] and work-related stress, anxiety and depression contributes to 35 per cent of all work ill health cases[3]. With the financial cost to British businesses an estimated £26 billion per year[4], investment in employee health and wellbeing services enable businesses to improve their employees’ health and wellbeing as well as reduce absenteeism and improve presenteeism.

Building on Nuffield Health’s experience of delivering comprehensive health assessments for the last ten years, the four new personalised health assessment options will focus on weight management, fitness, building resilience and cancer risk prevention. Nuffield Health physiologists and doctors will continue to undertake existing tests such as blood pressure checks, glucose, cholesterol and body composition, as part of its signature Lifestyle, Female, 360 or 360+ health assessments. In addition employees will receive expert support and coaching in the option of their choice, helping individuals identify risk, set goals and support behaviour change.

Jay Brewer, Head of Clinical Wellbeing at Nuffield Health comments: “Our new range of bespoke health assessment options will help businesses deliver the next generation of workplace wellbeing initiatives, offering employees the chance to truly personalise their health assessments. It’s important for us to launch these new products so that employees can choose what’s right for them and get the most out of their time with our physiologists and doctors.”

The launch of the bespoke health assessment options complements existing health and wellbeing services Nuffield Health already deliver to the business community, including on-site gyms, physiotherapy, occupational health, GP services and emotional wellbeing.

For more information and to book a health assessment programme for your business visit or call 0333 920 9333.

[1] YouGov survey conducted for Nuffield Health (using omnibus methodology). Base UK Adults aged 18+, total sample size 2,306

Last updated Wednesday 26 April 2017

First published on Wednesday 26 April 2017