Nuffield Health announced microsoft's fitness and wellbeing partner for launch of the Microsoft Band

Microsoft has selected Nuffield Health as the fitness and wellbeing partner for the UK launch of their new health tracker wristband, Microsoft Band.

Launching in the UK on April 15 and designed as the first device for the Microsoft Health platform, Microsoft Band is a smart band that provides a balance of living healthier and being more productive.

Nuffield Health will partner Microsoft for the UK launch to offer eight goal-based workouts created specifically for Microsoft Band and will be integrating Microsoft Band data into Nuffield HealthScore™ - the app which converts body and lifestyle data into an easy-to-understand number.  

Group Chief Brand Director, Ian Smyth, said:  

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to promote our brand to a broader market, and to bring our version of Complete Health & Wellbeing to life in a new and innovative way. Over the coming weeks and months our experts will be working to create content specifically for the Microsoft Band and working to integrate Microsoft Band into Nuffield HealthScore TM. We are very excited to be working with Microsoft and we hope this is just the beginning of a long partnership.”

Last updated Tuesday 22 March 2016

First published on Tuesday 17 March 2015