When your period starts, a certain level of discomfort and pain is to be expected. This includes cramps, headaches and a dull ache in the back and stomach. For some women however, the pain gets so severe that it prevents them living a normal life. This is not to be ignored, as it could be a sign of something more serious.

Updated: Friday 27 October 2023

Published: Wednesday 16 August 2023

The menstrual cycle encompasses far more than just a period. Whether you’re interested in learning more about your own cycle, or your child has recently gotten their first period, you’re in the right place. Dispelling common myths about menstruation and the female cycle helps us all understand the ‘time of the month’ as part of a bigger picture. Senior physiotherapist Hazel Eatwell provides a detailed insight into the menstrual cycle.

Updated: Tuesday 8 August 2023

Published: Thursday 27 July 2023

Tracking your menstrual cycle and the duration of your periods can give you a valuable insight into your body's natural rhythm and empower you to take control of your reproductive health. Exploring the benefits of period cycle tracking helps you better understand the timing of ovulation and menstruation, giving you a biological backing for ovulation timing, fluctuating mood, sex drive and the timing of your period.

Updated: Monday 24 July 2023

Published: Monday 24 July 2023

Running is booming, with global studies showing that more people than ever before are running. What is even more fascinating is that female participation rate is growing more than males. Hazel Eatwell, Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, shines the spotlight on the benefits of running to women and what they can do to ensure their pelvic health is not forgotten about during the gruelling training for the 26.2 miles of a marathon.

Updated: Thursday 2 February 2023

Published: Wednesday 28 September 2022