Physiotherapy for joint pain

Find out how physiotherapy can improve your joint pain, and get advice on easing back pain and injuries through physio exercises.

What is physiotherapy?

Top 5 questions about physiotherapy

  1. What's physiotherapy and what does it do?
  2. What are the different types of physiotherapy?
  3. How long does physiotherapy take to work?
  4. What do I wear to a physiotherapy appointment?
  5. Can you have physiotherapy when pregnant?

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Do I need physiotherapy for my joint pain?

Here are some of the signs that mean you may need physiotherapy:

  1. You get pain while sitting down
  2. You're in constant pain
  3. You're not moving as easily as you used to.

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See a physiotherapist

How to ease back pain

With many of us working at a desk for long periods, or sitting on the sofa scrolling on our phones for hours, we’re all guilty of slouching at some point. Learn how to improve your posture, as well as how to ease back pain through a range of back exercises.

If you need more support, find out more about the treatments we provide for joint pain.

Preventing and treating sports injuries

Here's some useful advice if you have an immediate injury, as well as tips for how to avoid further injuries in the future.

For extra assistance, learn more about the physiotherapy treatments we offer for sports injuries.

Physiotherapy success stories

Take a look at these uplifting tales from patients who have had physiotherapy at Nuffield Health.