Delivering great care with Pride

At Nuffield Health, delivering great care is at the heart of everything we do and we strive for our activities to involve people and communities from all walks of life.

We welcome everyone through our doors and greatly appreciate the diversity of the people we work with, and support and encourage everyone to always be themselves.

We're truly focused on supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and have placed particular emphasis on the following areas whilst also ensuring all our services are as inclusive as they can be:

  • Internally, over 100 team members from across our Charity regularly participate in our Equity Forum. Established two years ago, our Equity Forum serves to connect our leadership teams with underrepresented perspectives from our people. Our forum members continue to influence and inform our decisions by making our policy and process blind spots visible. We're committed to creating a truly inclusive work environment where diversity is embraced and valued
  • We promote an inclusive approach towards parental policies, both for parenthood and adoption. We aim to support all of our employees, offering paid and unpaid leave that is based upon service completed
  • We provide a variety of services for gender affirmation procedures across a number of our hospitals. Our Brighton hospital has been leading the way in this area for over ten years, working in partnership with the NHS
  • All our sites now have the option to order and introduce Nuffield Health name badges that include gender pronouns, with some of our sites already using them
  • We've introduced a choice of pronouns in our clinical care pathways, and a same-sex partner can be added as next of kin
  • Our local hospitals have in the past and are continuing to support their Pride events with stands and activations in Leeds and Brighton. This is something we very much support.

We know that there is still much work to do and this is a journey that we will continue to be on. We'll strive to keep making change, impact and focus in this important area to ensure an inclusive and supportive environment building a healthier nation for everyone.

Your feedback is important to us

Nuffield Health provides health and wellbeing for every part of you. We believe that the best healthcare should help prevent illness by looking after mind and body. That’s why our connected health and wellbeing offering spans physical and mental health – from providing mental health support or hospital care and treatment to personal training, health assessments, GP services and physiotherapy.

As a result, we want our services to be as inclusive and accessible as possible and we would welcome your feedback on how we can do this. Please do get in touch with us with your feedback by emailing - we would love to hear from you.