How many sessions will I need?

Your physiotherapy treatment is tailored to your individual needs, so it is not possible to advise in advance how many sessions will be required. At your first appointment your physiotherapist will suggest the number of treatments you will require based on your assessment findings.

You can be assured at Nuffield Health you will not be over or under-treated. We give all our physiotherapists regular audits and case reviews to ensure all our practitioners treat to the same high quality. We will never continue treating beyond the point that is necessary and will teach you how to take steps to help prevent needing future treatment.

Can I stop treatment any time?

Yes, you can stop your treatment at any time. However, we do recommend that you complete the planned treatment course as some effects are temporary and require repeated session to have a long term impact.

If you feel the treatment is not achieving the results you anticipate, discuss this with your physiotherapist as they may be able to offer alternatives treatment to achieve your desired results.

If you do stop treatment you are welcome to return to physiotherapy when this suits you. If this period is longer than 6 weeks the physiotherapist will need to complete a full review of your initial assessment before recommencing treatment.

What do I do if physiotherapy is not helping me?

If the treatment is not helping you then do discuss these concerns with your physiotherapist who will discuss your progress with you throughout your treatment. It may take some time to make improvement if you have suffered from an injury for a long period of time.

Your physiotherapist will discuss your case with senior practitioners and will explain their recommendations to you.