Welcome to PATH

Our new personalised health assessment

PATH combines digital technology with expert support to help you be a healthier, fitter you.

Your PATH to better health starts here.

What does PATH include?

A free online health risk assessment using our exclusive digital technology

A face-to-face personalised health assessment with a doctor or physiologist

Post-assessment support including follow-up calls and a free 30 day gym pass

Your PATH journey

  • Step 1 - Choose a PATH Package and request an invitation to your personal Trium account.
  • Step 2 - Complete the free online health risk assessment to receive a dashboard analysis of your health, and recommendations on where to improve.
  • Step 3 - Choose from recommended specialist health modules on key aspects of your health you'd like to improve.
  • Step 4 - Get in touch with us to book and pay for your assessment to start undertaking assessments associated with your chosen modules.
  • Step 5 - Attend your assessment and receive a fully comprehensive report based on your modules within 10 days.

Example Trium health risk assessment results dashboard

Choosing your PATH package

We offer 7 PATH packages, giving you the freedom to choose between a variety of health assessments all focussing on lifestyle and medical factors. You can personalise most packages by choosing specialist health modules, allowing you to focus on areas of health that matter most to you.

Use the table below to compare each package. You can see which, and how many, tests and modules each package includes.

Packages Finger prick blood analysisFull blood analysisPhysical measurements Physiologist module (30 mins) Doctor modules (30 Mins) 2 follow up coaching callsTotal duration of assessment Price
Life 2 - - - 30 mins £149
Life 3 - 1 module - 60 mins £249
Life 4 -1 module - 60 mins £299
Pro 1 -- 1 modules 60 mins £399
Pro 2 -- 2 modules 90 mins £499
Pro 3 -1 modules 2 modules 120 mins £599
Pro 4 -2 modules 2 modules 150 mins £729
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Our specialist health modules

As part of any PATH package, we include specialist health modules. We have a wide range of modules focussing on key health areas, giving you plenty of choice to personalise your assessment. Taking care of what matters to you most.

Physiologist modules
Delivered by our physiologists

  • Physical Measurements
  • Health Weight Loss
  • Back and Posture Health
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Fitness
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Cancer Risk Reduction
  • Stress Resilience Management
  • Energy and Sleep Health

Doctor modules
Delivered by our GPs

  • General Health and Blood Checks
  • Bone Health
  • Alcohol Review
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Screen
  • Sexual Function

Doctor and physiologist modules
Delivered by both

  • Routine Heart Check*
  • Cardiovascular Performance**

*only available in Pro 2, 3 & 4
**only available in Pro 4