Our staff at Shoreditch

Triniadad Bitoman

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

My passion is fitness and well being. I use physical activity as one of my medicines, not only to look after my body but also to help me through personal emotional challenges. I love sharing my experience and support people who might be going through a healing process of managing their mental well being. I have a strong belief that fitness has a transformational power on us.

When it comes to training, I love using a combination of strength and conditioning, as it helps to boost my energy and is a great way to become strong and fit.

What my Clients say:

“I’ve been training with Trini for about 2 years. The 12 week programme is the most efficient for me: It forces me to stay consistent and you can see the results in the first couple of weeks. A workout with Trini is the guarantee of a good sweat but also a good laugh. Don’t expect someone that will just count your reps and force you into their programme. With Trini my programme evolves after each session; she finds alternatives to exercises I can’t perform well or that I don’t enjoy; she also finds some creative ways to make things work when we train outside. Trini makes workout fun and something I look forward to in my day which I never thought will be possible!”

Daen Heuston

Wellbeing Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

Training is absolutely important but it isn’t everything. What you fuel your body with is at least as important as what you do with your body. It all starts from the moment you wake up and continues with the choices you make throughout the day. Not only can I help you with Personal Training but with lifestyle changes, supermarket education and those all-important food choices. Together we can tackle your goals from every angle!

My qualifications

  • REPS level 3
  • BANT registered Nutritional Therapist
  • Studio Cycling
  • Kettlebell level 2

What my Clients say:

“Daen’s detailed knowledge of nutrition together with his Personal Training really helped me improve my overall wellbeing faster than I expected! He’s really encouraging and always finds a positive spin to put on any situation.”

Why hire a Nuffield Health Personal Trainer?

Sometimes we all need that extra encouragement, support, advice and motivation, whether you've just started out on your fitness journey or you’re aiming to run a marathon.

Building a great working relationship with our Nuffield Health fitness staff can be a fun and very rewarding experience. They are there to educate and ensure you remain focused on your fitness goals.

Our personal trainers are some of the most qualified in the fitness industry. They continually acquire new skills and qualifications through our Nuffield Health Academy. Each PT comes from a different fitness background and employs their own individual training methods. So take a look below and see who is right for you.