This page is aimed at individuals whose employer gives them access to a flu voucher through Nuffield Health’s Flu Vaccination Programme 2020 as part of their company benefits.

This page provides information about how your personal data will be used as part of the Flu Vaccination Programme.

Before you complete the online registration form and provide your details to obtain your voucher, please make sure that you have taken the time to read and understand the contents of this page. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Flu@nuffield for more information.

What information will Nuffield Health hold about me?

You will complete a registration form to confirm where you want your flu voucher sent to. Within that registration form we will collect:

  • Your name;
  • Your address;
  • Your work email address;
  • Your Employer
  • Your work location
  • Your current department

Your employer will not provide us with any information about you and we will not collect information about you from any other sources.

Who will have access to my Personal Data?

  • Nuffield Health
  • Your Employer
  • MediaAce
    MediaAce are our carefully selected third party supplier, who will support Nuffield Health by arranging for the flu voucher to be sent out to you.


  • In order to send you your flu voucher
    Your name and address will be used so we can post your flu voucher out to you. As mentioned above, this process is carried out by a company called MediaAce, so your name and address will be shared with MediaAce.
  • To allow your employer to reconcile invoices
    Your employer will buy a number of flu vouchers and they may need your job title, work location & department to allow them to reconcile our invoices and/or to allow them to cross charge to the relevant department/team within your organisation.
  • To prevent duplicate vaccinations
    You only need to be vaccinated once. We will share your name and work location with your employer so they can cross refer against any face to face flu vaccination register to make sure the same person is not registered for having both vaccine & voucher. This ensures that your employer is not paying twice, that employees are not needlessly vaccinated twice and that there are enough slots available for every employee who wants to be vaccinated.
  • To make sure flu vouchers are only used by employees
    We will share as limited information as is necessary to allow your employer to verify that the details provided in your registration form are details of an active employee with your organisation. This is to mitigate the risk of a non-employee redeeming the flu voucher, which is paid for by your employer. The minimum amount of data necessary to achieve this aim varies from employer to employer, but this will generally include: your name, employee ID number and your work email address.

As limited information as is necessary will be shared to achieve the above aims.

How long will you keep my Personal Data for?

Nuffield Health will only keep your personal data for 6 months (until the flu season has ended) after which time your personal data will be deleted.

MediaAce only need your information to send your flu vouchers to you so they will only keep your information until they have finished their printing and posting process, a maximum of 6 months.

Your rights over your Personal Data

The law gives you certain rights in respect of the Personal Data that we hold about you. Below is a short overview of the most commonly-used rights:

  • Data Subject Access Request – subject to exemptions, you have the right to a copy of the personal data that we hold about you as well as information about what we do with it, who we share it with and how long we will hold it for;
  • The Right of Erasure ('Right to be Forgotten') – you have the right to have your personal information erased where we have no reason to continue processing;
  • Data Portability – you have the right to move, copy or transfer personal information you have provided to us;
  • Right to Rectification - You have the right to have the personal data we hold about you corrected if it is factually inaccurate.

The above is not a complete and exhaustive list of the rights over your Personal Data. If you want more detail on your rights in respect of your Personal Data, please see our privacy policy or if you wish to exercise any of your rights, the best way to do so is to contact:

I am not happy with how Nuffield Health have processed my Personal Data

Nuffield Health treat our obligations in relation to data protection and information security with the utmost importance. However, we appreciate that things can go wrong. If you are not satisfied with how your personal data has been handled by Nuffield Health please contact the Nuffield Health Data Protection Officer at first instance:

Regardless of our internal complaints process, you will always have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (‘ICO’) who regulate data protection in the UK. A complaint can be raised via phone: 0303 123 1113 or through their website