“It’s a new model, optimised for all conditions including complex cardiac scanning.”

With our new hospital – Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital – opening on Tuesday 3 May. Jennie Bent, Head of Radiology and Cardiac Diagnostics, tells us why our new MRI scanner will help our clinical teams to deliver outstanding cardiac, cancer and joint care to our patients.

Jennie, tell us about our new MRI scanner and why it’s safe high-rise crane delivery into our new hospital was so important?

The high-rise crane delivery of our new MRI scanner – the MAGNETOM Sola from Siemens Healthineers – was a very exciting moment for our new team at Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

The new MRI is fully optimised for cardiac care, one of the key clinical specialisms our new hospital will be known for, alongside cancer care and orthopaedic joint care.

The image quality is fantastic – we'll be able to produce higher quality diagnostic images for a quick and accurate diagnosis. It’s great for our clinicians and patients alike.

Can you tell us more about the technology?

The MAGNETOM Sola is a new model and is optimised for all conditions including complex cardiac scanning. This means we have all of the equipment and software we need for a fantastic service.

Cardiac MRI is specialist work and our radiography team are really looking forward to working with this latest technology. 

It’s also the first 1.5T MRI system with BioMatrix Technology, which means the scanner automatically adjusts to each patient. This personalisation allows us to scan with greater precision for each patient. 

Some people feel anxious about having an MRI scan, does our new model help them?

We are a very supportive and understanding team of imaging specialists, so we'll ensure we provide extra care to anyone who's worried about enclosed spaces.

Our MRI scanner is a wide bore magnet, which means it’s not as claustrophobic as other MRI scanners. This reassures patients who have a fear of enclosed spaces.

We've also invested in the design of our MRI scanning room because we want people to feel comfortable when they come in for scan. We have mood lighting in the ceiling, dimmable lighting and cloud visual landscapes to make people feel more at ease. 


How long does an MRI scan take?

An MRI scan can take 30 mins to an hour, depending on what the patient is having done. Our radiographers want to use the latest technology, and our new MRI scanner is more precise for our clinicians so there are fewer rescans needed.

Is an MRI safe?

Getting an MRI scan is safe and doesn't involve any exposure to radiation. There are no known side effects related to MRI scans, however as it does involve exposure to a strong magnetic field. For this reason, all patients will complete a safety questionnaire before their scan which is assessed by our specialist team. 

If you are interested in working with Jennie in our new hospital team, please visit our careers webpage.

Last updated Friday 6 May 2022

First published on Wednesday 25 August 2021