As a leading healthcare charity, we are committed to building a healthier nation, and sustainability is at the top of our agenda. We’re taking bold action to reduce our carbon emissions across the Charity so that we are carbon net zero for our direct emissions by 2030, and 2040 for our indirect emissions.

This year, we’ve set ourselves a 5% carbon reduction target and so far, we’re investing in insulation, LED lighting, and our building management systems to be more energy efficient across our estate. Through our Greener Surgery programme, we’re targeting care pathways; improving our clinical waste systems; using less carbon intensive gases; changing from single use products and reducing single use plastics. And, essential to all of this is the sustainability of our supply chain. We’re working with our suppliers to understand their carbon footprint, and our aim is to support them to ensure their social, environmental, and economic practices are in line with our ambitions.

Most importantly, we’re engaging our people through internal campaigns and our sustainability forum, so they’re involved in the changes we’re making and feel empowered to lead with their own positive actions.