Welcome to PATH

Personalised Assessment for Tailored Health

PATH is the unique new way of assessing, improving and maintaining what you value most: your health.

Designed to be inclusive and individual, PATH is dedicated to knowing more about you.

PATH is designed with your unique needs in mind

Your health assessment will give you the best information we have available to help you, understand, maintain and improve your health.

Underpinning everything PATH does is our sophisticated clinical brain – the Trium® technology platform.

Using carefully constructed questions, clinical algorithms gather real information about your health, wellbeing, lifestyle and fitness to ensure you only have the tests and information you need which is relevant to you.

How Trium® works

Step 1

Trium® asks questions, analyses your answers, and using complex clinical algorithms, calculates your individual risk and status. These are the ‘knowns’.

Step 2

Trium® selects the right modules based on what it knows about you and the level of risk. You can always accept or revise these choices.

Step 3

Trium® can be complemented by a face-to-face appointment with a doctor or physiologist to resolve any ‘unknowns’ and recommend the next steps.

Taking the right steps start here

Although the destination will be as flexible and individual as you are. The PATH journey is a series of distinct easy steps.

Of course, we’re with you from the start. So as soon as you open your individual account you have access to vast amounts of relevant, helpful and informative digital content on www.nuffieldhealth.com/article

Equipped with that support, here’s what you’ll find on your journey.

Your packages, how does it work?

Trium® selects the best modules for you based on the highlighted risk factors that your personal health risk analysis found. Your bespoke module mix is then delivered on your health assessment. Whatever your needs, the tailored combination of the packages and modules are your individual PATH. It’s your journey to a better self.

*Doctor review of blood profile conducted remotely.

To get started, contact your HR team to find out more and register.

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