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We are committed to achieving excellence in all we do.  We are passionate about providing the highest quality service and aim to be the Sterile Services provider of choice for those customers where high quality is also their priority.

What We Offer

  • Modern, efficient, purpose built, fully compliant decontamination facilities;
  • Instruments treated and segregated carefully ensuring that customers get their own property returned;
  • All trays bar coded and scanned in and out of customer premises where required, for a full audit trail and visible status monitoring of instrument inventory in the end to end process;
  • Frequent and optimised deliveries and collections with a computerised tracking network to customers' own IM&T systems;
  • Bespoke vehicle fleet totally compliant with regulations governing the transportation of contaminated goods on the road network (ADR Class 6)
  • Software tools to assess optimum instrumentation levels and identify likely pinch points that require fast tracking;
  • Tried and tested Mobilisation procedure to ensure smooth transition from existing arrangements to the Nuffield Health HSSU Service;
  • Generic pool of instruments also available which can be loaned from Nuffield Health HSSU.

About Us

Nuffield Health HSSUs are six strategically located Hospitals Sterile Services Units, offering a bespoke reusable medical devices decontamination service from purpose built units at six locations throughout England. This fully accredited decontamination process delivers a state-of-the-art sterile surgical instrumentation service to consultants.

Our team of dedicated experts will work with you on planning and modelling to ensure the levels of instruments are optimised to support an off site decontamination service. Working in partnership with Nuffield Health HSSU enables you to focus on your core services.

Quality standards and procedures are very important to Nuffield Health and Integrated Governance is the mechanism used to challenge and measure quality - responding quickly to safety concerns, measuring customer feedback and understanding and evaluating errors.  We have been awarded NHS Legislation Authority Level 3 and Nuffield Health is the only private sector provider with this level of accreditation from the NHS for our governance policies and processes.

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