abiliti peacemaker technology available at Nuffield Health Leeds HospitalWhat is abiliti®?

Successful weight loss is built on two basic principles, self monitoring and stimulus control.

The abiliti® system brings ease and increased accuracy to the weight loss process by using food detection and activity sensors to monitor the individual’s eating and exercise behaviour.

A food detection sensor is placed into the stomach and it tracks what the patient eats and drinks, any exercise taken and counts calories burned. Using a simple wireless connection, the doctor and patient can view this consumption and exercise data, which helps both create a diet and exercise plan that leads to weight loss.

The abiliti® system also can create a sense of fullness that a patient feels when they eat or drink. When the system detects an eating or drinking event, it delivers a series of low-energy electrical impulses to the stomach to create a feeling of fullness, encouraging reduced food intake.

Unlike restrictive procedures, the abiliti system does not impose limits on the type of food a person can consume. Nor does it cause nausea or vomiting should a patient eat too much.

A valuable support network is also available. An online resource, patients are connected to a community of individuals all helping one another to reach their weight loss goals.

Benefits of abiliti®
  • Safe
  • Effective at promoting weight loss
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedure
  • Fully reversible
  • Automatically records exercise
  • Easily displays data
  • Connection to a valuable support network
  • No changes to anatomy of digestive system
  • Fewer side effects than gastric bypass or bands
  • Automatically records food and drink consumption.
Technology behind abiliti®

The abiliti® system combines implantable microelectronics technology (similar to that used in cardiac pacemakers) and the internet to provide an intelligent therapy. There are three main components:

  • Implantable gastric stimulator
  • Implantable lead
  • System programmer. 

The lead contains a stimulation electrode and food detection sensor. When a patient begins eating or drinking, the food detection sensor signals the gastric stimulator. The stimulator then sends low energy electrical impulses to the stimulation electrode, making the patient feel full before he or she normally would. The activity sensor contained in the stimulator tracks exercise, activity and rest periods.

Information from the food and activity sensors can be wirelessly sent to a computer for patients and their healthcare providers to review. This feature enables patients and doctors to easily monitor eating and exercise patterns, track progress, spot trends, and identify areas which need special attention.

Implantation procedure

The abiliti® system is implanted by a surgeon specialising in weight loss procedures. Using minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon will make 3-4 small openings through the abdominal wall to access the stomach. The lead is attached to the stomach and then brought through the abdominal cavity where it is attached to the gastric stimulator. The gastric stimulator (which is the size of a pacemaker, or a credit card) is then implanted, and the openings are closed.

The procedure involves no stapling of the stomach or intestinal rerouting. As a result, the surgery is very safe; and because the anatomy of the digestive tract is unchanged, the procedure is easily reversible. It is completed in less than one hour while the patient is under general anaesthesia.

Life with abiliti®

By connecting individuals through my.abiliti.com patients are introduced to a valuable support network, which is critical to anyone on the journey to a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Each person receives customised therapy based on their eating and exercise habits and other factors. Unlike gastric bypass or gastric banding, the abiliti system does not require changes to the types of food that a person can eat or drink. Of course, as part of any weight loss program the patient should choose healthy foods and control portions. The abiliti® system is designed to support these good habits by making patients feel full sooner when eating. It may also help patients stay satisfied longer, and help them to eat less frequently.

The abiliti® procedure is now available at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital under one of our lead consultants Mr Abeezar Sarela.

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