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Why choose Nuffield Health Oxford Hospital for critical care?

It can be a worrying time when you have to undergo a routine or complex operation. That's why, here at the Manor Hospital, we do everything we can to make your stay as stress-free as possible - this includes working with very experienced Consultants and Intensivists, therefore leaving you to concentrate on the most important thing; getting better, quickly.

This service encompasses a 7 bed adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which offers the highest level of clinical care. The technologies, of the highest standard, are supported by our outreach team of highly skilled intensive care nurses. Furthermore, the hospital has a Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU), which supports your transition from ICU to the ward.

  • The service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of consultant intensivists, resident medical officers, nurses, pharmacists, and physiotherapists who ensure the best possible acute post-operative attention, if, and when it is required.
  • This service is able to provide multi-organ support to many specialities including cardiac, neurosurgical and other complex surgical cases.
  • The availability of isolation rooms, with 24 hour, 7 day support from theatres, cardiac catheter laboratory and a full range of diagnostic services, allow us to deliver the very best care for critically ill patients.
  • The Intensive Care Unit has 2 fully self-contained regulatory compliant rooms for children and young persons (CYP) patients who require more enhanced levels of observation (at level 1 only).
  • Our Critical Care Service offers you additional assurance, that should you become unwell following a routine procedure, there are specialist staff on hand to manage your clinical requirements. In most cases, we are able to avoid you being transferred to a local NHS facility.
  • The Manor Hospital is able to support international patients.

When you choose to come to The Manor Hospital we are able to offer you the reassurance you will receive the best possible care.