Desk workers' workout

Sitting at a desk all day leads to pain and a reduction in fitness. Use this workout from Wellbeing Advisor Lesley Phillips to boost circulation, correct imbalances and strengthen muscles weakened by hours of desk working.

Poor circulation, weak abdominals and tight chest, neck, shoulders and hip flexors are just a few effects of spending our days at a desk, especially on a computer.

It may not be possible to quit your desk job for a more physical occupation, but taking regular breaks from your usual sitting position can help to reduce the negative effects of working at a desk.

When you do get to dedicate your time to exercise, there are certain movements that are particularly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time sitting. The following exercises will boost circulation and strengthen the core to help hold you more upright.

Aim to complete this routine twice a week with at least a full day’s rest in-between.

Warm up: (boosts circulation)

Circuit: Perform 3 sets of each (strengthens weak muscles)

Cool down and stretches: (loosens tight muscles)

If in doubt about what weight to use for any of these exercises, start light and focus on your technique. If by the day after the workout, you still feel that the weights were too light, increase the weight slightly for the next routine, roughly 1kg per arm for upper body exercises and 2.5kg for lower body exercises.

Last updated Thursday 8 February 2018

First published on Thursday 1 December 2016