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A nationwide service of diagnostic scans and laboratory tests partnering with businesses to create new solutions and opportunities.

Services that respond directly to your needs and creativity with applications in medico-legal work, personal injury and claims management, occupational health, return-to-work programmes & employee benefits, sporting associations, healthcare organisations, State agencies and general insurers.

If it’s a scan, a screen or a test we have the quality and capacity to deliver it nationwide.

Scan Direct

We offer a huge range of diagnostic services and treatments including MRI, CT, X-ray, DEXA (bone density screening), mammography and ultrasound. These are a vailable where you or your customers live and work. You are never far from a Scan Direct centre.

We offer a single point of access via our UK-based contact centre - an empowered team of advisors who manage all referrals, appointment booking and scheduling, booking directly into hospital diaries across the country. All our scans are reported on by UK-based consultant radiologists.

Referrals and results are always transferred securely using encryption software. Our Management Information Service offers an activity tracker so you can monitor progress from referral to scan to medical report.

It’s effortless - we design the programme together and then handle the whole process for you, troubleshooting if necessary, and our centralised billing reduces administration costs and improves efficiency. Our team of dedicated account managers work for you to ensure ongoing quality of service.

Lab UK

We offer a wide range of nationally available laboratory tests including:

  • Full blood count (to determine general health status or to screen for a variety of disorders such as anaemia and infection).
  • Lipid test, including cholesterol (a type of blood test - high lipids increase the risk of blood clots, heart disease and heart attack, stroke, and pancreatitis).
  • Glucose test (also known as blood sugar test, this is used to screen for and diagnose diabetes).
  • Electrolyte test (to check for a chemical imbalance which can be present with a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Urea and creatinine tests (to evaluate kidney function).
  • Hormone assays (a range of tests often used in connection with fertility problems and many other things).