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What does the Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital Joint Replacement Centre offer?

The centre has been created as a complete end-to-end service for superior hip and knee surgery with patient treatment and care at its heart.

Based on many years of experience and high volumes of specialist hip and knee procedures, the consultant team approach gives unrivalled reassurance of the highest levels of clinical care, safety, speed and expertise at all times, so that patients can quickly get back to the lives they love

The Joint Replacement Centre Bristol is all about helping people get back to the activities they enjoy, faster and with less pain. We provide comprehensive, team-focused care to patients before, during and long after joint replacement surgery.

We offer a full range of partial and total replacement procedures for the Knee and Hip joints. Minimally invasive surgical techniques are offered, and new techniques and longer-lasting artificial joints make joint replacement an option for many active adults suffering from joint pain that is reducing their quality of life.

Why choose us?

We're leading the way in joint replacement surgery

We’re one of the first hospitals in Bristol to have a dedicated Joint Replacement Centre, specialising in knee and hip replacement surgery.

Joint Replacement Centre Co-ordinator

We believe that the better prepared you are when you have a joint replaced, the better your outcome will be. When you decide joint replacement surgery is right for you, our Joint Replacement Centre Coordinator will work with you and support you all the way through your treatment. They will meet you before your surgery to make sure we understand your needs and you are fully informed about the process, the surgery and your aftercare. They will also be at the end of a phone for you, so you can contact them should you have any queries or concerns throughout your treatment.

Our group-oriented approach to care is better for patients

Our joint replacement program teaches what to expect before, during and after your surgery; group physical therapy helps during your recovery.

Enhanced recovery pathway

Physical therapy helps patients get back to their everyday activities faster, to support this our patients can make use of our optional enhanced recovery pathway – Recovery Plus. The pathway starts after a patient has completed their post-operative physiotherapy, and enables them to continue their recovery at one of our Fitness & Wellbeing Centres at no additional cost.

Our team is dedicated to total joint care

In addition to our skilled joint replacement surgeons, the centre’s care team includes a dedicated joint replacement nurse who works closely with patients prior to and following surgery, physiotherapists and our administration team.

Pain management experts

We offer a variety of pain management options to provide a comfortable recovery, and the majority of our patients are walking the next day after surgery and are able to go home within day.

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