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If you are thinking about surgery and would like to learn more about your options, many of our consultants are currently offering complimentary 10 minute advice sessions. Whilst these do not replace a full consultation, they are a great way of getting some initial expert advice.

We currently offer complimentary 1 to 1 advice sessions across the following health topics:

  • General surgery - consultant upper GI surgeon Mr Dan Titcomb offers free 1:1s for those interested in weight loss surgery, hernia repair surgery, endoscopy, gallstones and general surgery 
  • Scarring and Dermatology - consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Jonathon Pleat offers free 1:1s for those wanting advice for scarring, burns and dermatology
  • Foot & ankle surgery - consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Gerard Lattouf offers free 1:1s for those considering any type of foot and ankle surgery
  • Dental surgery - if you are considering dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry such as teeth straightening and teeth whitening, our dentist Dr Cornelius Krause is currently offering free 1:1 advice sessions
  • Varicose veins - if you would like to learn more about treatment for varicose veins, consultant vascular surgeon Mr Bill Neary is currently offering free 1:1s
  • Lumps & bumps (neck and above) - consultant oral and maxillofacial Surgeon Mr Ceri Hughes is currently offering free 1:1s for those with a head or neck issue

Call us to book a complimentary 10 minute advice session today.