Updated: Friday 3 January 2020

Injuring yourself on the mountain can be a scary and frustrating time. Nuffield Health Senior Physiotherapist Andrew Letheren offers some sage advice for what to do if you take a tumble on the slopes.

Updated: Friday 3 January 2020

Our natural response to musculoskeletal pain is to do as little as possible. But what if that pain is persistent? Regional Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, Adam Bellis, explains how exercise can help manage pain and get you on the path to recovery.

Updated: Wednesday 27 November 2019

The human body isn’t perfect and developing a hernia is often caused by things you can't control. Here are four things you can.

Updated: Thursday 5 September 2019

Triathlons are intensive challenge events that test your fitness across three disciplines. Make sure you stay triathlon fit by following coach Peter Bryan’s injury prevention advice.

Updated: Wednesday 10 April 2019

Keep your hips and knees strong with these joint-protecting exercises from Senior Wellbeing Personal Trainer, Haydn Ward.

Updated: Tuesday 19 March 2019

Illness and injury not only keep you from doing the things you love, but can also get in the way of your work. Here's how to access fast, effective care and get back to work sooner.

Updated: Tuesday 12 February 2019

If you’re considering knee replacement surgery you might wonder what to expect. From anaesthesia to recovery, Surgeon Harminder Gosal fills us in on the process.

Updated: Tuesday 8 January 2019

Pilates has become a major wellbeing trend in recent years, but its benefits aren’t just for fitness buffs. Here’s how Clinical Pilates can work for those living with injury and a range of health conditions.

Updated: Friday 28 December 2018

Physiotherapy and surgery aren't the only remedies for injury. Adapting your diet can help support a faster recovery too. Shirley Ward explains.

Updated: Thursday 27 December 2018

Getting up and down stairs while recovering on crutches can be difficult. This video guide shows you how to get it right.

Updated: Friday 7 December 2018

Getting in and out of bed can be difficult while recovering on crutches. This video guide shows you how to get it right.

Updated: Friday 7 December 2018

How to look after the most useful pieces of equipment you’re never without. Your feet.

Updated: Wednesday 20 September 2017

Exercise can be good for your health and your happiness, but can some exercise actually be bad for you? Our Head of Physiology, Jay Brewer investigates.

Updated: Monday 7 November 2016

Worried about an existing scar or how scarring will affect your appearance after surgery? Here’s our guide to healing well and reducing the appearance of scars.

Updated: Wednesday 27 January 2016

The Rugby World Cup brings big matches, big names and big hits. As players put their bodies and their health on the line for glory, Dr Auldric Ratajczak, Nuffield Health’s Deputy Medical Director, Wellbeing, welcomes news World Rugby may be preparing to tackle concussion head on.