COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
As our fitness and wellbeing clubs start to reopen, new gym membership requests are now being processed. Due to the gym closures during lockdown, the memberships team are receiving a very high volume of gym requests and as such memberships are likely to take longer than the usual 3 weeks to process. You will receive a confirmation email when your membership cards are ready to collect. Please don’t attend the gym until you have received this confirmation email.

How to join

You can submit an application for your free gym membership, discounted membership for a partner and/or child(ren) and/or make any membership changes via Workday.

Further details on how to apply for gym membership or to make changes can be found in the Workday Quick Reference Guide.

Your application will be processed within twenty-one days and you will receive a confirmation email to take to your ‘home’ gym so you can collect your membership card(s) and book your induction and Health MOT (where provided).

Partner and Children age 5 or over Memberships

You can apply for discounted membership for your partner and/or your child(ren) via Workday.

For your partner or children to join, you must also be a member.

If you have questions about this benefit please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section or contact the Reward Team at


How much does membership cost?

Membership is free for you and your children under the age of 5 and costs £5 per month for your partner/and or children aged 5-25. The fees for this will be deducted from your salary on the 1st of the month following your application.

How do I find my nearest Nuffield Health Gym?

To find out if you have a Nuffield Health Gym near you, visit the Nuffield Health website and use the 'search by postcode' facility to find your ‘home’ gym.

What is my ‘home’ gym?

Your ‘home’ gym will be the nearest gym assigned to you based on your home address. If you work in one of our consumer Fitness and Wellbeing Clubs, this will automatically be your ‘home’ gym. Once we process your application, you will need to visit your ‘home’ gym and collect the membership card.

There is not a Nuffield Health Gym near me, can I get free/discounted membership at a different Centre?

Unfortunately we only offer this benefit within our own gym network.

When can I apply for free membership?

You can apply for membership at any time via Workday.

Can my partner or children have discounted membership if I am not a member?

Unfortunately not. Your partner and/or children can only enjoy discounted membership if you too are a Nuffield Health Gym member.

I don’t have a spouse or partner, can I request membership for another family member instead?

You can request a partner membership for another member of your family or a friend (instead of a partner) if they are registered at the same address as you. The £5 partner membership fee will be deducted from your monthly salary. Please note you can only have one Partner membership linked to your membership but you can link all of your children to your membership as long as they are between the ages of 5 and 25, are unmarried and live at the same address as you. Again, they can only be registered at the same gym as your own membership.

Am I able to upgrade my membership to include other services such as personal training?

Any additional services above your standard membership should be discussed and paid for locally with your gym. As an employee, you also benefit from significant discounts on Personal Training sessions across our gyms; please visit the MyBenefits Personal Training Discounts page for further information.

Is free membership to Nuffield Gyms considered to be a taxable benefit in kind?

Currently free membership of a Nuffield Health Gym is not subject to Tax and NI.

What happens if I wish to cancel my membership or a member of my family’s membership?

You will be able to cancel or amend your membership via Workday and the changes will be reflected from the next available payroll.

Please note however, that the scheme is designed to provide long term continuous membership for yourself and your linked members and as such memberships cannot be cancelled or amended on a regular or month by month basis.

Who is eligible to apply for free membership of Nuffield Health Gyms?

Free membership is limited to directly employed staff on a Nuffield Health contract of employment. Bank workers, Self-employed staff, Hospital Consultants, Medical Secretaries, and Sodexo and Norland staff working on a Nuffield Health site are not eligible for free membership. However, subject to confirmation that they are currently working at a Nuffield Health site, they are able to take advantage of a discounted rate of £15 per month, which should be arranged directly with their Gym and paid for via direct debit.

Are retired employees eligible for free or discounted membership at a Nuffield Health Gym?

Retired employees with 25 years of service or more are eligible to apply for complimentary gym membership; if you are eligible, email for details. Retired employees with less than 25 years of service are eligible for a discounted rate of £15 per month, to be arranged directly with your gym and paid for via direct debit.

What does my membership include?

Your membership is a full Connections membership which allows you access to any Nuffield Health Gym. You will have access to all facilities including classes and events at the club but there may be times at peak periods when paying members will be given priority over staff memberships, particularly where classes are oversubscribed. As your membership is free of charge to you and provides no income to the club we do ask that consideration and priority is given to paying members during busy times at the club.