There’s a handful of our housekeeping team pictured here: 

Housekeeping  is led by our hospital Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control – as the discipline is not just about keeping the place looking tidy and changing bed linen, the housekeeping teams are key to ensuring our hospital infection rates remain consistently low with high cleaning standards (incidentally, you can view our hospital recorded infection rates on our noticeboards in patient waiting areas across the hospital).

The team are proud to take their responsibilities to the next level by studying for a nationally recognised qualification by BICSc – the British Institute of Cleaning Science. They learn:

  • Safe techniques and a systematic process to cleaning, including chemical competence and storage of equipment and materials 
  • The impact and practical implications of selected equipment, including the safe assembly & care of equipment
  • A high level of health and safety, understanding the reasons and practicalities of safe working 

The team are issued with new state of the art cleaning trolleys to support this continuing high standard of cleanliness.

Our unsung heroes, housekeepers, are an essential function to Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital, without them, we would be unable to deliver our outstanding standard of care. 

If you are a patient staying with us in the hospital, you may spot a ‘your room was cleaned by’ card. This helps you to recognise who has helped deliver part of your journey as a patient at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital.

If you’re pleased with the cleanliness of your room, please consider mentioning one of our unsung heroes in your NHS Choices review, your facebook recommendation or patient satisfaction survey. Thank you.

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