Nuffield Health launch online emotional wellbeing service to support customers during Covid-19 lockdown

Nuffield Health, the UK's largest healthcare charity, has launched online emotional wellbeing services to continue to support people during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Nuffield Health will now provide a range of flexible, effective psychological therapies via remote methods including phone, video or email.

Tailored to an individual’s unique needs, we provide a variety of different therapies to help improve and maintain mental health. While it is often quoted that one in four will suffer with mental ill health each year, we understand that everyone has emotional wellbeing needs in the same way they have physical health needs. Among our services we provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions, counselling, interpersonal therapy, and access to psychiatric assessment.

We are now able to offer CBT sessions safely and effectively by phone, video or email for flexibility and privacy. Customers also have access to a same day telephone assessment to identify the most appropriate therapy for their needs. The 30-minute emotional wellbeing assessment is delivered with a mental health professional for expert advice.

Alongside these services, we also offer a number of online guided therapies including therapist guided online CBT and self-help online CBT. The therapist guided course is an eight week online CBT programme, which aims to help develop the tools to act as your own therapist and prevent problems reoccurring and includes weekly or fortnightly online support from a qualified specialist. The self-help course aims help manage and improve mental health, designed to work through in your own time, by computer, phone or tablet, covering a wide range of topics, including a new module focusing on the impact of COVID-19. 

Our Professional Head of Emotional Wellbeing, Brendan Street comments: “As a global society, we're now facing an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty and this unknown can leave many feeling anxious. Moving our services to an online capacity will enable us to continue to provide essential support to those who need it, especially while we navigate a particularly challenging time. All the services can be delivered in the most appropriate way to the customer, whether this is on the phone, via a video conferencing or email.”

We have also launched an online resource hub to provide a number of free resources to support our members, patients and the wider community while the nation remains in lockdown. Available content includes workout videos, emotional wellbeing advice and support for parents and kids to keep them healthy and motivated. We have also moved the majority of its health services online to ensure we can still support customers, including physiotherapy, providing online access to 550 chartered physiotherapists to continue rehabilitation. 

Last updated Thursday 7 May 2020

First published on Thursday 7 May 2020