Health assessments provide employees with in-depth information on their current health, and educate them on how they can improve and protect their health moving forward. A free one-month gym pass is available to all those who attend a health assessment.

Everything we do at Nuffield Health is aimed at supporting and protecting your investment. Our clinical outcomes are as follows:

  • 45% of attendees had an undiagnosed health condition
  • 87% indicated they would change behaviour as a result of their assessment
  • 10% improvement in staff productivity.

We deliver a more enhanced, risk-based and personalised approach to individual health risks. Offering access for everyone, both on site and remotely, we deliver an equitable service focusing both time and spend on those individuals who require the most support.

Global Analysis Reports (GARs) are available to companies with large data sets, providing insight into your workforce’s overall health and highlighting dominant employee issues. These reports can help inform and direct the wellbeing strategy of your company.

Choose from a range of four health assessments

Each assessment includes a personal medical history and detailed lifestyle questionnaire, urine analysis, blood glucose (diabetes) & cholesterol test and BMI calculation. Other tests vary depending on the assessment you choose.

Choose this assessment if you want to reduce the risk of future disease through early detection. Tests include analysis of nutritional needs, computerised spinal assessment and stress response test.

  • 15 tests
  • 60 minutes

Choose this assessment if you are concerned about any aspect of female health. Tests include breast examination and guidance on self examination, pelvic examination and cervical smear.

  • 13 tests
  • 60 minutes

Choose this assessment if you are concerned about any aspect of your current health, including the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Tests include full biochemistry profile including liver and kidney function, lung function test, resting ECG, analysis of nutritional needs and stress response test.

  • 30 tests
  • 120 minutes

Choose this assessment if you want an in-depth focus on cardiovascular health, are concerned about heart, fitness, cancer, or are planning to improve future health.

Tests include full biochemistry profile, lung function test, resting ECG, dynamic cardiovascular test and various male or female-specific tests.

  • 31 tests
  • 180 minutes

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