Every journey begins with the first step

Not so long ago, we took one of the most important and far reaching steps we’ve ever taken. Here’s what we did and why you should know about it.

We’ve always believed in listening to what our clients have to say about their employees’ health and wellbeing.

We’ve always known and understood that people are the biggest investment your company has. They are your future.

Supporting and protecting your number one asset

Everything we do at Nuffield Health is aimed at supporting and protecting your investment. Our Health Assessments focus on the early detection and diagnosis of disease together with the identification of health risks. Our integrated referral pathways ensure that treatment and care are quickly and conveniently available.

As the country’s leading provider of corporate wellbeing solutions, we’ve learned how the health of your workforce can be improved and optimised to benefit both the individual and the organisation. We’ve also recognised how important technology is to the future of healthcare and to the health of your business.

What we've learnt has shown us that the health and wellbeing of individuals needs to be monitored over a period of time, not just a point in time.

Even when your employees have completed their initial assessment, it’s only the beginning of their journey.

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