Our people are the heart and soul of Nuffield Health. That's why we're pleased to celebrate long service anniversaries with us.

At Nuffield Health we recognise milestones at 10 years’ service and every 5 years thereafter with the following: 

  • Yearbook TM- Recipients will receive a personalised brochure called a Yearbook filled with unique messaging and a selection of quality gifts to choose from. The Yearbook contains personal messages from your manager who can also invite others -teammates, family, friends, patients and customers - to add their messages and congratulations. The Yearbook is social, fun, unique and personal, and we're excited to celebrate people’s careers in this engaging way. 
  • Gift - At the back of the Yearbook will be a selection of quality gifts that recipients can choose from as a thank you from all at Nuffield Health.
  • Anniversary pin- Recipients will also receive a sterling silver anniversary pin commemorating their significant career milestone with Nuffield Health which they can wear with pride. 

The day a person joined us is a big event, so we recognise long service recipients on their anniversary day and celebrate significant anniversaries locally as they happen during the year. 

Click here for a peek at what’s to come (note this is a generic film to give you an overview of the Yearbook and does not reflect Nuffield Health’s anniversaries).  

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