The core level of cover is 1 x earnings for all employees, subject to a minimum cover of £6,000.  If you are a member of a Nuffield Health Retirement Savings Plan making contributions of 6% or higher you will be covered for 3 x earnings.  Different levels of cover may also apply if your cover prior to 1 April 2018 was higher than 1 x earnings, or if you are a member of the Nuffield Health Pension & Life Assurance Scheme (PLAS).

Cover is provided automatically so you don’t need to do anything to join the scheme, however all employees are encouraged to complete and return the Beneficiary Nomination (Expression of Wish Form). The maximum age for inclusion in the policy is midnight on the day before a member’s 75th birthday.

This form is for you to use to express your wishes in respect of whom you would like to benefit from your life assurance cover in the event of your death. It is important to note that this form relates only to the Nuffield Health life assurance benefit and is not linked to the Nuffield Health Retirement Savings Plan. If you are a member of the Nuffield Health Retirement Savings Plan, which is administered by Aviva, please ensure you additionally complete the Aviva Expression of Wish form. The Aviva form will provide a record of your wishes for the management of your pension fund in the event of your death – this can be found on your MyMoney Website.