You simply choose how much you wish to give each month, and the charities you wish to donate to, and complete the online payroll giving donation form. Donations can be made to any registered UK charity and you can give as much or as little as you like.

Your chosen amount is then deducted from your gross pay, which means that you don’t pay Tax or National Insurance on it - instead the charity receive what you would have paid in tax as part of the donation. 

You can amend your donation as often as you wish by re-submitting the online payroll giving donation form. You can also stop donating at any time by notifying the Reward team at 

Charities benefit from GAYE because receiving regular donations means that they can make financial plans for their long-term future – knowing they can rely on the regular gifts of their payroll donors. 

How to enrol

Please click here to complete and submit the online payroll giving donation form. Your request will then be processed by Share the Caring and your chosen monthly donation(s) deducted from the next available payroll.


Who can apply for the scheme?

All employees can apply for the scheme.

What is Give As You Earn?

Give As You Earn, or payroll giving, is an easy way for you to donate to your favourite charities. The donation is deducted from your gross pay each month BEFORE income tax, meaning the charity receive what you would have paid in tax as part of the gift. See the table below for examples:

Donation (what your charity receives)Cost to you at 20% tax (?)Cost to you at 40% tax (?)

How the tax is deducted?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lower or a higher rate taxpayer - your chosen charity receives all the tax you would have paid. This is different from Gift Aid which only gives a tax benefit of 20%.

In this way, the amount you would have paid in tax goes straight to your chosen charity meaning they won’t need to worry about reclaiming it.

How do I start donating? 

Simply complete and submit the online Payroll Giving Donation form

Which charities can I give to?

As long as your cause is a registered charity in the UK or can be proven to be of charitable status, you can donate to them through the Give As You Earn scheme. 

Can I change my donations every month? 

Yes, Payroll giving is completely flexible - you can change the amount you give or which charities you donate to at any time. Your donations can be the same amount each month or a one-off donation.

Can I cancel my donations? 

Yes, if you want to stop making donations then simply email your cancellation request to the HR Reward Team at or alternatively send your request in writing for the attention of 

Reward Team 
1st Floor HR Dept
Nuffield Health 
Epsom Gateway
Ashley Avenue
KT18 5AL

Where can I find more information about payroll giving? 

For useful information about payroll giving generally, you can: 

Call the StC Payroll Giving team on 01227 361 960 or email