Nuffield Health is a registered not-for-profit organisation, and also a company limited by guarantee without share capital. As such, it has no shareholders. Instead, it is required by company law to have members who are, literally, the company. Members act as nominal guarantors in the event that the Company should ever be wound up, with liability limited to £1.

Membership is a common form of governance for charities. It is an unpaid position and Nuffield Health may not distribute any profits or assets to its members.

Members are entitled to vote at our annual general meeting, where accounts are approved and governors are elected. They are kept informed about our progress throughout the year.

Most importantly, members of Nuffield Health share our vision and values. They are passionate about the contribution that Nuffield Health makes to the wellbeing of the British public.

Our current membership includes former staff, former Governors, consultants, and people who were involved in raising the funds which founded some of our hospitals.

We are very grateful for the continuing time and support of our members, both past and present.