School Wellbeing Activity Programme

Supporting young people to improve their overall wellbeing

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As the UK’s largest healthcare charity, we are proactively responding to the key health issues facing young people today. Our programme is free, so it is accessible to all and enabling us to help schools incorporate further health and wellbeing lessons into their timetable.

What is SWAP?

SWAP is our School Wellbeing Activity Programme,
designed to give students the tools they need to manage their wellbeing.
The target age range is 9-12 years old, but the programme can be adapted for other school age children.

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What does the programme involve?

The programme offers evidence based lessons that can be delivered as a six-week programme in six one-hour sessions.

The programme focuses on four key themes:

    How I Move - focusing on physical activity
    How I Eat - focusing on sugar content of food and drinks, hydration, fruit and vegetables
    How I Sleep
    - focusing on sleep, sleep hygiene and screen time
    How I Feel - focusing on emotional wellbeing and resilience. 

Our local experts will work with you to develop the best approach for you and your community to deliver SWAP at your school. In case our local experts aren’t available at your requested time or your school isn’t within reach for us, we will provide you with digital material and guidance to deliver SWAP.

Current statistics published by the Association for Young People's Health highlight the worrying health issues facing young people in the UK:

  • 1 in 4 school pupils aged 11-15 are obese
  • 1 in 4 young females show symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • 1 in 4 secondary school children say they don't get enough sleep
  • Teenagers consume on average 8 times the recommended daily sugar allowance
  • 9 in 10 young females and 8 in 10 young males don't meet the government guidelines for physical activity.