Does the Nuffield Health Promise cover all treatments?

The Nuffield Health Promise applies to all surgical treatments where patients are paying for themselves. Medical treatments and treatment or surveillance of long-term conditions are not covered by the Nuffield Health Promise as these have more complex treatment plans involving multi-disciplinary teams. If you have any queries about whether your treatment would be covered by the Nuffield Health Promise, please contact your hospital.

What's included in my treatment package?

Your package price will include all aspects of your care pathway, including your pre-assessment appointment, Consultant fees, Anaesthetist fees, the cost of your surgery, prosthesis (if applicable), your stay in hospital, post-operative care (e.g. physiotherapy or clinical nurse specialist appointments), any equipment to help with your at-home recovery and post-operative Consultant appointments through to clinical discharge.

Your initial consultation/s and diagnostic testing are not included in the treatment price.

How can Nuffield Health offer these commitments to patients?

As a not-for-profit organisation, Nuffield Health is in a unique position - we can truly put our patients first. We do not have shareholders to satisfy and we reinvest any surplus we make into continually improving patient care.

We are committed to improving outcomes, patient experience, transparency and the wellbeing of the communities in which we work.

How does the Nuffield Health Promise compare to what I might get at another private healthcare provider?

The Nuffield Health Promise is our unique commitment to our patients. We are proud to be the only provider to offer fixed and guaranteed prices for surgical treatments which do not require further approval at pre-assessment before treatment.

What happens if another condition is discovered at pre-assessment?

You will have a pre-assessment appointment ahead of your surgery. If at this appointment an additional clinical need is identified (which alters your treatment pathway, but not the required procedure), and you are fit for surgery, no additional fees will be charged.

If another (secondary) condition is identified at your preassessment appointment, which means that you are not fit for surgery, treatment of the secondary condition is not considered part of the treatment pathway of your original procedure.

Treatment of this medical condition will be required before you are surgically fit for the original procedure. The medical condition may require a new treatment pathway or procedure, which will incur costs accordingly. Your hospital team will ensure you are fully informed of the costs for treatment of the secondary condition before any consent to treatment is agreed.

What happens if my surgery is postponed following pre-assessment?

If your surgery is postponed for clinical reason following pre-assessment - for example whilst a secondary condition is treated - then your package price will remain valid for 60 days. If surgery cannot be rebooked during this period you will receive a full refund.

What happens if my surgery is cancelled following pre-assessment?

If your clinical team cancels your procedure following pre-assessment – for example because you are not fit to undergo surgery - then you will receive a full refund. If you cancel your procedure prior to admission to hospital, you will be charged for aspects of your pathway already undertaken. Additionally, if specialist equipment or prosthesis has been ordered for your procedure that cannot be returned, you may also be charged for these.

Post-operative care and support

Under the direction of your Consultant we will support your clinical needs following surgical treatment through to your discharge from care. It is important that you follow the post operative recommendations made by your Consultant and clinical team as these are all intended to support your long term outcome and health.

How do I get referred for self-pay treatment at Nuffield Health?

You can be referred to our hospitals for treatment, either by your GP or by contacting the hospital enquiry team directly. If you know the Consultant you want to see, your GP can make a direct referral, if not, then your GP can make an open referral and we will pass this to one of our Consultant specialists.

Where can I find out information about Nuffield Health Consultants?

Profiles for each of our Consultants can be found on our website. If you know the name of your preferred Consultant you can search directly by name. If you would like to see all options for your required speciality, then you can see a full list of our Consultants.

What if I need to 'mix-and-match' my private medical insurance (PMI) and pay for some of the treatment myself?

We recognise that depending on your insurer and the scheme of which you are a member, the level of cover or treatments covered may vary. It is important that you liaise with your private medical insurance provider to understand what is and what is not included in your scheme. Our enquiry and booking teams can support you through the process.

What if I had my treatment before the Nuffield Health Promise was launched?

Nuffield Health launched the Promise in June 2013 to support our desire for transparency and to provide more certainty for our patients.

Nuffield Health has always supported our patients in the event of unforeseen clinical complications and patient feedback has shown that this commitment to safe, clinical outcomes is a key factor in deciding to have surgery.

If you believe that you have a complication of your original surgery, please speak with the Hospital Director at the Nuffield Health hospital that you attended for treatment.