Bokwa® Classes

Bokwa classes at Nuffield Health

Bokwa® (Average Class; 530 Calories Burned)

Created in America by the South African born street dancer Paul Mavi, the name Bokwa is a combination of two words ‘BO’ representing light boxing and ‘KWA’ the traditional dance Kwaito.

Bokwa is an intense cardiovascular workout, but also strengthens muscles and helps maintain flexibility. It helps people to build up their fitness level and stamina at their own pace. The routines are fun and easy to follow.

Everyone can do Bokwa®

Because the steps are structured as letters and numbers everyone can do Bokwa®. From 4-year-old kids to 75 year old men and women. People with two left feet who cannot dance to World champion Latin and ballroom dancers. All having a terrific experience in the same class!

It does not feel like working out at all

Because of the energizing music, the fun and predictable steps and great motivation coming from people moving together to music, participants become addicted to Bokwa®.

Nuffield Health bringing Bokwa® across UK

Paul Mavi, Creator of Bokwa®, said: “I created the Bokwa sign language to make it simple for people to follow routines. People learn the moves quickly and easily understand the hand signals, which gives them time to put the most into their workout. No one struggles to keep up with the class, signature moves such as the ‘Shincha’ or ‘click-click’ signal a change of direction at the beginning or ending of a letter, so everyone knows where they should be going.”

In a recent Nuffield Health member survey of more than 6,000 people, 43% said they go to the gym because they like group exercise classes.

Sean McBurney, National Fitness & Wellbeing Manager, Nuffield Health, said: “I’m proud that Nuffield Health is first to roll out this exciting new fitness class in the UK. We’re always looking for new trends to keep our classes up-to-date and to inspire our members. Bokwa® is a mixture of dance and exercise combined with easy, yet effective moves - a true cardiovascular workout. I’m sure our members will love it.”

Bokwa classes at Nuffield Health Gyms