Matron-led care

Nuffield Health Matron led careEveryone knows that matrons make hospitals run efficiently and, above all, hygienically. Unlike other institutions, Nuffield Health has never lost sight of this. We have 31 magnificent matrons working around the clock to ensure your comfort and safety.

Matrons take responsibility for your nursing care and ensure that no one cuts any corners. All of our matrons have very impressive experience and all know their hospitals inside out.

They are the lynchpin of the community at each site, often forming friendships with returning patients. As a result our patients get more face time with friendly, highly motivated nursing staff than at other organisations. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, Matron will be looking out for you.

Nuffield Health is proud to have championed the use of matrons throughout its 52 year history. We believe their professionalism and pride in their work are central components to the workings of a hospital. In fact, they’re the glue that holds our excellent teams together.

Whilst all our hospitals are very much forward thinking and innovative institutions when it comes to technological advancements in medicine, we are still passionate about the role of matrons.