A new concept in health and fitness, we offer much more than just a gym

More than a gym

In addition to the exceptional range of equipment and facilities you expect, we offer a new approach to health and fitness focused on helping you achieve your personal health goals.

A personalised fitness programme

Our highly qualified health and fitness team will give you a complete health MOT and explain your health score. They will then design a fitness programme, personalised to you, meaning you can work on improving your health score at a pace that suits you.

An in-depth approach to fitness and wellbeing

With a team of wellbeing advisors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, physiologists, nutritionists, GPs and relaxation therapists all on hand, we can call on specialist advice and help you look after your health and wellbeing.

Varied and proven fitness equipment

Our centres offer a great range of fitness equipment, tried and tested by industry professionals and proven to deliver real health and fitness benefits. We reward your achievements. We don’t just offer a reward for joining. We support you at every step of your personal fitness journey and reward you when you improve your health score at your follow-up three month health MOT.

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