Consumer wellbeing

Our Fitness and Wellbeing centres take fitness in a new direction. Rejecting fads or gimmicks, we maximise the knowledge and expertise of our clinicians with the width and reach of our fitness communities.

All our fitness advice is based on researched medical knowledge. We provide all our wellbeing customers with a health MOT to give them a personalised programme and the right support to ensure they achieve their health and fitness goals. We also reward our members for improving their ‘health score’ with a free month’s memberships and personal training sessions.

We have 65 Fitness and Wellbeing centres. 14 of these have Health Clinics and physios on site and a further 17 have physio facilities. We have 130,000 members, over 7.7 million visits a year and have carried out over 110,000 health MOTs to date.

We provide a comprehensive range of services above and beyond those which you would usually find in a gym. We provide the usual; swimming pools, fully equipped gym, studio classes, sauna, steam and spa, complementary towels and a café. Uniquely, to Nuffield Health however, all our facilities also have signature services including Health MOTs, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Group Exercise and expert educational programmes.

These educational programmes include free health fairs, events and open evenings, all focused on promoting healthy living and education. Our monthly Meet Our Expert events are run by Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Wellbeing Advisors and have covered areas such as heart health, back care, cancer awareness and stress.

We are investing in a programme of capital activity that upgrades the centres as they require it and alongside this we are developing our people. Additionally, we are developing flagship centres with easy access to diagnostic capability, specialist programmes and genetic profiling.

These centres offer an integrated healthcare service, bringing together clinical services including a private doctor, health assessments, physiotherapy and a full fitness centre operating seamlessly, providing the best possible healthcare to our members.

There are already fully integrated service centres in Aberdeen, Crawley, Paddington, St Albans, Nottingham, Bristol, Reading, Surbiton, Warwick, Bromley, Cannock and Stoke Poges with new centres being rolled out over the next few years.

Customer satisfaction in our Fitness & Wellbeing centres steadily improved throughout 2010 and our annual survey in November 2010 indicated that our unique, clinically-led health proposition is a strong driver of satisfaction and retention.