Mobile services

Nuffield Health mobileFlexible, mobile, capable

Imaging services, when and where you need them. With a mobile fleet of MRI, CT scanning and digital mammography units, we have the equipment and people to provide extra imaging services on-site.

There are size options with some of the units so we can fit into most sites, even those with restricted access or parking space.

It’s a solution for adding a service when you don't have the consistent demand, space or budget to have one permanently. Or when you have too much demand on your own facilities. Either way, it’s a problem we can solve.

You get a complete solution for as long as you need it. Each mobile unit is entirely self-sufficient, supplied with the equipment and the people to operate it.

With each unit, you’ll get the expertise of healthcare professionals from the UK’s largest health charity, operating some of the latest ground-breaking equipment:


The latest Philips BrillianceTM CT scanner with 64-slice configuration, providing photographic quality 3-D images of the heart, brain, blood vessels, skeletal system and internal organs in seconds. Patients are cared for with a dedicated waiting area with comfortable leather seating and television as well as changing facilities

Our standard-sized 64-slice CT mobile unit is the first in Europe and features Philips BrillianceTM technology


Our modular MRI units with sophisticated 1.5Tesla GE Signa MRI scanners with HDX – some of which are fully cardiac-enabled. Patients have changing areas and lockable storage

Meanwhile, our standard-sized mobile MRI units have fully cardiac-enabled GE scanners. These units are scaled down for sites with limited access


Our digital mammography unit has the GE Senographe essential full field digital mammography system, so that most breast sizes can be imaged with a single exposure. Patients are cared for with a dedicated, spacious and comfortable waiting and reception area with television and coffee-making facilities