Our Fair & Honest Gym Contract

Our Fair & Honest Gym Contract

At Nuffield Health we are proud to do things differently

We are always looking at ways to improve our customer service for the benefit of our valued members. As a result we have recently introduced a new fair and honest contract, copies of which are available at each of our gyms and are given to all our new joiners.

We want to be completely open and honest with you from day one of your journey with us.

For more details on what our fair and honest gym contract actually means for you, read on below.

In addition to the standard terms, our new gym contract has:

  • NO confusing industry jargon.

This allows our Fitness & Wellbeing members to:

  1. Freeze or cancel membership (even within the first 3 months) if you can't train due to illness, injury or pregnancy**
  2. Freeze or cancel your membership if you are made redundant**
  3. Cancel your membership if you move to a location where there is not a Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre**
    (Please note that in order to successfully cancel your membership your new address must be 5+ miles away from a Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre)
  4. What’s more if you don’t get fitter and healthier in 3 months, you are free to walk away*.

*Please read the additional terms and conditions applicable to this offer including how we measure fitness and what is required of the member to qualify

**A calendar months’ notice is required to cancel memberships, please see full terms and conditions of membership